The Pavlov's Dog - Reading {Review}

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Pavlov's Dog in Reading
Pavlov's Dog in Reading
A couple of weeks back I was invited to go and check out 'The Pavlov's Dog' in Reading, and I never turn down and excuse to check out a brand new place with my good friend Lisa from United Cakedom! Having never been to this place before I was pleasantly surprised that it very much reminded me of a pub that I used to frequent when I was a student in Aberystwyth.

The bar in The Pavlov's Dog
The bar in The Pavlov's Dog
The interior of the bar is very warm and welcoming, and I honestly took one look at this place, turned to Lisa and said, 'If I lived in Reading this would hands down be my local pub!', there's just something about the atmosphere of the place that instantly makes you feel at home. We were seated in a raised area which we were told is a little more quiet, and then the member of staff came over and set up Mario Kart on the Gamecube (not expressly for us), which we couldn't leave alone! Obviously I won, because I am boss at Mario Kart! That wasn't their only entertainment, as they also have an array of board-games behind the bar which you are welcome to borrow and play with your friends...

Tin Can Cocktails at The Pavlov's Dog in Reading
Tin Can Cocktails
We decided to start with some Tin Can Cocktails, which honestly all sounded amazing, but I decided to go for the 'Dr Meister' which was a Dr Pepper and Jagermeister cocktail. Then Lisa decided to go for a 'Canny Smith Apple' which was apple tango, apple sourz and lime juice. Both cocktails came in their original cans with cute straws and some sour sweets on the top, which went perfectly with the drinks. 

Nachos at The Pavlov's Dog

Chicken Wings at The Pavlov's Dog
Chicken Wings
Lisa decided to go for a starter and chose to have the nachos, which were absolutely delicious and piled high. Then the staff brought us out some of their Chicken wings to try with an array of different dips, my favourite of which was chunky peanut butter, it just went so well together! They wanted to showcase these wings to us as every Wednesday after 5pm they do chicken wings at 25p each, which is ridiculously cheap considering how amazing these taste. They also have their own 'Lord of the Wings' food challenge, in which you have to try and eat 50 wings as fast as you can. I honestly don't think I could take on the challenge but it sounds like it would be a good laugh!

Dirty Burger at The Pavlov's Dog in Reading
Dirty Burger
 For mains Lisa and I both decided to go for burgers as there was a large selection to chose from. I couldn't resist going for the 'All New Dirty Burger' as it just had so much on it! The dirty burger is described on the menu as; 'A 6oz cheese & bacon beef burger, topped with a cheese & bacon-topped southern-fried chicken fillet, pulled pork, BBQ sauce and sliced gherkins'. The only thing I asked for to be removed was the gherkins which they kindly placed on the side of my plate for Lisa as she loved them. This burger has a million elements on it and I would each every single one of them individually, but together they made a massive taste explosion! Alongside my burger I went with sweet potato fries, my favourite. I don't get to eat sweet potato fries often, but these ones were so worth it, they were lovely and crispy and not soggy at all.

New York Bagel Burger at The Pavlov's Dog in Reading
New York Bagel Burger
Lisa decided to go for the 'New York Bagel Burger' which is written on the menu as; '6oz burger, topped cheese, bacon, pulled cured boneless beef rib, sliced gherkins and French's mustard, served in a toasted bagel'. Whilst this isn't the burger I went for, it again has all of the elements of something I could definitely see myself eating. I must admit I am a bit jealous that Lisa got to try the cured beef rib as that itself looks amazing! Again Lisa went for the sweet potato fries and she agreed with me that they are some of the better ones that we have tried.

Chocolate Pancake Stack at The Pavlov's Dog
Chocolate Pancake Stack
 I decided to go with a dessert instead of a starter, but I was a little annoying and decided to have something from the 'All Day Breakfast' as my dessert, and that was the Chocolate Pancake Stack. These were three American style pancakes with Nutella spread between them, covered in maple syrup and chocolate sauce. They were absolutely to-die-for... The pancakes were so fluffy and the maple syrup and Nutella went together so well, I don't think i could have honestly made a better choice. If pancakes are your thing then you absolutely must try these ones!

Churros at The Pavlov's Dog in Reading
The staff at Pavlov's also decided that we couldn't leave without trying their churros, which are caramel filled, and come with a chocolate dipping sauce. I was so stuffed at this point that I only managed to try half of one of these, but the caramel was so delicious that I wish that I'd had more room! As with the chicken wings, the Churro's are part of one of their offers. On Tuesdays they offer Churro's at 25p each all day! You can't really go wrong at that price, you could take a group of friends and order a tonne of them and it really wouldn't cost you much!

By the end of the night I was absolutely full to the brim with amazing food, and both Lisa and I had such an amazing time, so much so that I am planning on taking my boyfriend to Pavlov's for our next date night... If you are looking for a place with good food, and a cheeky atmosphere the Pavlov's Dog is hands down the pub for you. They run all sorts of entertainment, including retro games nights, and Karaoke, so there is a little something for everyone. You can check out their website and find out more information here.

**I was invited to review this restaurant and in return was given my meal and drinks for free, however all opinions in this post are my own**
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