This blog is a lifestyle, beauty and baking blog written by Alyssia Rose Marie Slade. All opinions written within this blog are my own and are 100% honest. All written content belongs to me, and is not to be duplicated elsewhere.

All photographs used on this blog are taken by myself and belong to me, unless stated otherwise (with a 'via' link below the photo), if you find that I am using one of your photographs then please contact me so that I can remove/give credit as requested.

You do not have permission to use my images elsewhere, unless you have contacted me beforehand to discuss the terms of you using them, and I have agreed.

I am open to collaborating with PR's on this blog, whether it be for sponsored content or offering free product in return for a review/feature. Whenever I receive these opportunities I make sure that it fits in with the content that I already write, and is also that it is a product/company that my readers would be interested in. Also just because I receive an item for free does not mean that I will not give it an honest review, when reviewing I try to find pro's and con's of a product. No amount of payment will make me write a dishonest review. In the event of a sponsored post I will always state within that post whether I have received the item free of charge, or whether the post is an advert for a brand. I feel that this is the best way to get complete transparency with my readers, something which I feel is very important to myself personally. Readers are welcome to contact me in the event that they have any questions regarding sponsored content that I have done on the blog.


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