Slimpod Week #1

Monday 29 April 2013

A few weeks ago I applied to be part of a trail of this new weight loss programme, Slimpod. I was told that it was a new way of looking at not only losing weight, but also making lifestyle changes for the better. It was founded by the lovely Sandra Roycroft-Davis who takes an active role in your personal journey, offering advice and support to all who buy the Slimpod.

So you may be wondering what this is all about so I thought I'd just give you some information from the website.

What is Slimpod?
Slimpods are unique voice recordings which help people achieve effective weight loss, whether it's 5Ibs or 5 stones and more. They can be bought as instant downloads or on CD. Unlike other methods of losing weight, with a Slimpod there are no diets, no calorie counting and no willpower required.

Slimpods have been developed by our Harley Street experts and use modern approcahes to the science of unconcious persuasion to put you back in control of food again. Because it's like having your own personal mind coach, weight loss becomes simple and effortless.

A single Slimpod costs just £29.99 and a Slimpod Plus - two great programmes in one - cosrs just £44.99. That's it, nothing more to pay. Membership and online support are free!

How do Slimpod's Work?
Slimpods avoid any notion of a diet, instead they gently nudge your unconscious mind towards making better eating choices - let's face it, we all know what they are. Slimpods don't tell you what to eat or what not to eat, but guide your mind to help it create its own solutions.

By empowering you to control what you eat and motivating you to do more, you lose weight without even having to think about it. Breaking old habits and creating new ones means you've made a lasting lifestyle change that boosts your confidence and self-esteem and unlike dieting our method means weight loss can be permanent.

The voice you hear on the Slimpods is like a normal conversation. There are no weird effects or strange music.

So there's a little basic information about it for you, but if you are wanting more information then I suggest you go to this website and read about it for yourself.

My First Week of Slimpod!

I have been listening my Slimpod for a week now, so I thought I would share some things that I have noticed. Incase you are wondering I am listening to the Drop Two Dress Sizes Slimpod. I listen to this every night just before I go to sleep, and I find that it helps me relax and sometimes I have even found myself falling asleep as soon as it finishes playing. The whole point of Slimpod is that you begin to make lifestyle changes that in turn help you lose weight. I took all my measurements before I started listening and had to right 3 realistic goals. By the end of this ENTIRE process I am hoping that maybe I'll go back to the size/weight I was when I came to university, but we'll see.

To be honest I haven't noticed that I've been eating less junk food or anything like that, but I've only been listening for a week. They recommend that you listen for a minimum of 21 days before changes can being, some people notice changes straight away, and others don't. So although I haven't eaten less junk here is what I have noticed.
  1. I hardly ever feel hungry. I only eat because I know I should be eating. Some days I completely forget about eating and it will get to about 3pm/4pm and I realised I haven't eaten yet. I am aware that, that in itself isn't healthy, but I've never NOT been hungry before.
  2. When I went shopping I didn't buy ANY sweets or junk. Admittedly I bought a bottle of wine as I was going out, and I bought my favourite sugary cereal (Curiously Cinnamon), but apart from that my trolley was full of fruit, veg and meat. I planned some healthy meals, including vegetable soup, and I am not a massive soup lover. In fact when we went around the bakery I caught the smell of some jam donuts and the smell actually made my stomach turn.
  3. Also, rather than ordering in takeaways, I find myself going to the cupboard and seeing what I can make instead. Which is a MUCH better way of living.
  4. I've found myself doing more and enjoying housework. I've been packing mostly as I am moving in a few weeks, but I used to be a HORRIBLE procrastinator, but I feel that my Slimpod is making me feel more proactive.
So although the things I have noticed aren't necessarily geared towards weight loss I am very confident that over the next few week my Slimpod will help me to make more positive lifestyle choices. Overall so far I am happy with my journey and I can't wait to see myself make more changes!

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My Instaweek #3

Sunday 28 April 2013

Hello everyone! I can't believe another week is up! I'm ever so close to moving back to England, eeek!

For some reason I didn't take many photos this week so this is all I have to show you:

  1. The Three Musketeers: When we went out for dinner on Monday, Elliot went outside to grab a call and left his wallet on the table. Cue this photo. These are our Aber Cards and these pictures were all taken before University. I love how Ellie and Elliot look like convicts, and I look like a super fun substitute teacher or something!
  2. The Pheonix: I finally got my hands on Fall Out Boy's new album. I don't know what play count this particular song is on, but I'd say it has to have hit at least 40...
  3. Lump of Clay: My friend Ieaun is a theatre student and when we collected our tickets to his latest performance we were given this clay and told to make a symbol of masculinity. A giant penis it is then!
  4. Awkward Slefie: I took this before our night out on Wednesday, which incidentally was A-MAZING!  The Spice Girls came on in Pier... Need I say more?
  5. Got any grapes?: I bought some grapes, my granddad used to love grapes.
  6. WINE: Evolution of the grape going on in my photos much? 
  7. Packing: I FINALLY started packing. So far only a few bits of clothes and my books, but it's progress right?
Also this week I had a Psychic reading! It was all a bit strange to be honest. He said a lot of things that were very true, and he COULDN'T have known. I'm still a little bit emotional about it. I am going to be booking another reading soon, I'm undecided as to whether it's crap or not yet. I'll keep you posted! Let me know in the comments what has been going on for you this week!

Oh and just to make you all aware, I had to remove the Anonymous comment option from my blog. I was getting several spiteful and hateful comments from an Anon, so although honestly the comments didn't shake me, I've removed the Anon option. From now on if someone wants to send me hate they have to do it UN-anonymously! Thanks to everyone who reads and enjoys the blog and leaves me lovely comments, I appreciate you all!
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Rose Reacts: JLS Splits Up!

Wednesday 24 April 2013

It's no secret that I am a MASSIVE fangirl, in particular when it comes to boybands. When I split from my Ex, fangirling filled the void that he left in my life, and I fell in love with JLS and The Wanted. I mean I liked JLS when I was with my ex, but I became a crazy fangirl. Thankfully I got over that after a few months, but still I really love JLS. There music is severely cheesey, and I am aware that a lot of people hate it, but I don't.

So today they broke the news that they are splitting after a brilliant 5 years. I actually found out from my sister who Whatsapp'ed me as soon as she found out. I promptly fled to the internet to check if it was true, and I was shocked to see it was. Although these boys haven't had any number 1's in a while they are no where close to be 'Over' as they all seem to believe they are. They have a TONNE of fans who would buy any music that they release, even if it wasn't great. I understand that they've all got things going on, Marvin in particular. What with a child on the way, but they could have just taken a break for a while, they don't need to split up. They are making one final album, and are going to be doing one more tour before finally splitting.

If anything I am not upset about the news, I am angry with them. My sister pointed out to me that Oritse Williams seems to have moved on already, and checking his Twitter confirmed that he is already trying to promote himself:
I want to grab them all and shake them severely. Have they learned nothing from past boyband splits? Solo careers never work out for ex-boyband members (With the exception of the god that is Robbie Williams). Whats even worse is that I can already see them reuniting 5/10 years down the line when they've exhausted every avenue of attempting to get their solo careers off of the ground. At which point I believe that the lyrics from their debut single, 'Beat Again' will become very ironic, 'Let's just get back together, we should have never broke up'. Obviously I'll be happy to see them back, but I'm just angry that this decision seems to come so out of the blue. 

Don't even get me started on what is going on with The Wanted right now...

Anyway my point was, I'll be sad to see them go. I wish them all the best of luck (even though I doubt any of them will get anywhere), and I will certainly be monitoring this situation closely! Let me know in the comments what you think!
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Getting Personal: Why I started/Why I love blogging!

Monday 22 April 2013

During the #lbloggers chat this week the girls were all talking about the reasons behind their blogging, and I realised that I've never really talked about why I blog. I have written a short post about it before, but I didn't really go in depth. 

When I first started Univeristy back in 2010, it was the first time I had been away from my home by myself. Granted I had my boyfriend at the time, but he wasn't there all the time, in fact he was pretty terrible at being there for me those first few weeks. I began to feel horribly alone, although I had friends, as soon as I was alone in my room I felt panicky and horrible. I took comfort in the internet. Youtube became my biggest retreat, and I desperately wanted to make videos and share my experiences with others. At the time I didn't have a decent camera available to me so instead I started a blog ( Looking back at this blog I can see that I was probably writing it for all the wrong reasons. I wrote VERY personal posts, some were targeted at certain people, and yes, they were written to hurt them. Looking back I was just very upset at the time, and was hurting greatly from my break-up and being alone at Uni. 

Thankfully I met some brilliant friends, mainly Ellie and Elliot, and they made me a lot happier. So I started blogging about other things, like gaming, and makeup. I stopped writing overly personal posts, and trying to upset people and just started writing because I enjoyed it. In November last year I stumbled across Nail Art blogs, I began obsessively reading them and collecting Nail polish. Finally I took the plunge and started Rose Tint My Nails. I found a community of wonderful women who all had Nail blogs and I made some friends. After about a month of writing Rose Tint My Nails, I decided that I wanted to revamp my personal blog, mainly so that I could write about a lot of different things. I moved my blog from Wordpress to Blogger and started taking my blog more seriously! I was so glad when I started gaining followers, although my blog is primarily written for myself I really love knowing that people out there are reading this. 

Since January I've bought my own domain, and had a redesign! I write at least 2 posts a week, have regular features, started a group for Berkshire Bloggers, and have a MILLION plans with what I want to do on this blog! This is a very exciting time for me, my life is about to change in a BIG way. I'm about to graduate and be throw into the adult world. I guess the question is, Will I grow up? We'll see!

I think one of the best things about blogging has to be the community. I love being able to chat to all the other lovely bloggers, and get advice with anything I am struggling with! I'm desperate to go to a blogger meetup, maybe someday soon!

Leave your blog URL's in the comments and let me know what made you start blogging!

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My Instaweek #2

Sunday 21 April 2013

Hello my lovelies! I can't believe it's been another week already! Time is flying so fast at the moment I guess I wish it would just stop for a while. If you didn't read my '3 and 1/2 Weeks' post then you won't know that in 3 weeks I am leaving Aberystwyth! It's seriously scary stuff! I think I have finally figured out what I want to do after Uni now I just have to work out the logistics of it! Anyway on with my week:

  1. Cheeky Pub Opening! A new pub opened in Aber on Monday and me and the besties (Ellie and Elliot) went along to check it out. This had to be the best steak I have ever eaten! Oh and those chips are Sweet potato fries! YUM!
  2. Tower Cake Dessert! Also from the new pub, their tower dessert. The bottom is chocolate brownie with fudge icing, the middle layer is a plain sponge with raspberry jam and vanilla custard, and the top is sticky toffee pudding. YUM YUM YUM. 
  3. Scriptwriting hell! Yes I have been scriptwriting ALL week, and I am still doing it now.. *sigh* It's in on Tuesday though and I'll be able to kiss it goodbye!
  4. May Ball Ticket! I have been persuaded! I didn't really want to go to May Ball, but then when I found out Tinchy Stryder was going I couldn't resist it. Plus it'll be my last night out with my friends before I move home.. *trying not to sob*
  5. The best thing about a seaside town! We've been having some fairly decent weather this week and me and Ellie couldn't pass up an ice cream. This was bubblegum and mint choc chip, which go surprisingly well together!
  6. Chopping fingers... Yes! I cut a slice out of my thumb this week! I was trying to get fancy with the onions in the kitchen and slipped with the knife... That'll teach me!
  7. Chilli Dogs! I've always wanted to try these and I wasn't disappointed! Ellie actually made the chilli and it was scrummy!
  8. Primark Dress! As the weather got better I decided to be brave and wear a dress out! I love this Primark dress, it really flatters me, and it was only £5!
  9. Confused? I've been waiting to try these forever! Skittles are by far my favourite sweets so when I saw these I knew I had to try them. They are definitely confusing..
  10. Snapple! I LOVE snapple, and whenever I go to the union shop I pick up this flavour. It's super yummy and the packaging is really cute.
  11. Rose Watch!  I really like this locket. I got it for £3.50 on some wholesale website and I think it's so beautiful. It went really well with my stripey dress!
Second Instaweek down! Let me know in the comments what your favourite picture is!

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Devilishly Delicious Desserts! Pot au Chocolat!

Wednesday 17 April 2013

I am super excited to bring you this series of reviews, you have no idea how long I have been waiting to get these done! A few weeks ago I was contacted by Devilishly Delicious Desserts about the possibility of doing a product review for them. Devilishly Delicious Desserts offers a range of restaurant quality desserts that are quick and simple to make. As well as this all of their desserts are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, and free of artificial colours and flavourings, which is brilliant news!

Anyway a few weeks later I received this beautiful box in the post:

I was surprised, and overjoyed to see that I had been sent their entire range of desserts, but not only that, they sent me some things I might need during my test run! Such as:

 Pots to actually put the desserts in!

AND a kitchen blowtorch to top the Creme Brulee!

I must admit I did have a little giggle to myself when I saw that I got a blow torch! I mean come on, me and a blow torch, is it a good idea? Probably not...

Anyway onto the range. Devilishly Delicious currently makes four desserts which are: Pot au Chocolat, Panna Cotta, Sicilian Lemon Pot, and Creme Brulee. As well as this they make four flavours of Coulis: Mango, Raspberry, Sour Cherry and Green Apple. As mentioned above I was sent all four of the desserts to review, and I also got two Coulis flavours, Raspberry and Sour Cherry, which I look forward to trying!

So instead of doing a massively lengthy post with all the desserts and the coulis, I thought I would review them one by one in a series! Also I'm going to be doing a mini recipe with each one! This week I am trying their 'Pot au Chocolat'.

 Look how pretty the packaging is!

The packaging states that each carton makes four pots, so I decided to make two plain chocolate pots and two with added extras! The directions given on the packaging are simply:
  1. Pour into a saucepan.
  2. Bring to the boil, stirring regularly.
  3. Pour into heat resistant pots.
  4. Refrigerate for 1-2 hours
 This is how the mixture looks straight out of the carton.

Simple enough right? I tackled these stages pretty well and so decided to attempt something a little more difficult to go with two of the pots. So two of my pots are Caramel Pecan Chocolate Pots. I made them by:
  1. Chopping some pecans and adding to 1/2 carton of the heated chocolate mixture.
  2. Making Caramel (See this Delia Smith recipe)
  3. Pouring half the pecan and chocolate into pots, added a dollop of caramel, and then filling with the rest of the pecan and chocolate mixture.
Simple, simple, simple! Here is how they looked before going into the fridge:

 The top two are the plain ones, and the bottom two are the pecan and caramel pots!

I know you are all dying to know how they tasted!

 After an hour in the fridge!
This one looks glossy because of the caramel!

These chocolate pots are super yummy, but also super rich! I was really pleased that they weren't too sweet like you find a lot of chocolate deserts can be, but they retained some of the bitterness that chocolate should have. I can imagine that these chocolate pots would be perfect with some fresh raspberries and a splattering of the Raspberry Coulis. I am ashamed to say that my Pecan and Caramel pots didn't turn out the way I wanted them too, despite the recipe saying that the caramel would not set, it did. Meaning I had random discs of caramel on the bottom and a watery caramel syrup throughout. This however did not hinder the taste and they were really scrummy! The pecans added a nice crunchy texture to the smooth chocolate, and I would definitely make them again. 

All in all I was very pleased with the 'Pot au Chocolat', it's lovely on it's own, but also easy to incorporate/experiment with to make other desserts! They really were as easy to make as it said on the packaging, these desserts are literally fool proof! The only thing I had a problem with was getting the chocolate mixture out of the carton. I found that there was a fair bit of mixture left in the carton that I simply couldn't squeeze out, but I definitely wouldn't let that stop me buying them!

So there you have it, review number 1 of my Devilishly Delicious series! Please check out the Devilishly Delicious Desserts website and for a list of stockist please go here. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for my next review! I'd love to know what your thoughts are on this range, also let me know what dessert you would try from the range in the comments!
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Getting Personal: 3 and 1/2 weeks...

Tuesday 16 April 2013

That's how long I have before my whole world changes. I may sound a bit melodramatic right now, but it's how I feel right now. In fact I went for lunch yesterday with my two best friends, Ellie and Elliot, and I worked out that I have 3 1/2 weeks left in Aberystwyth. I almost got a little teary eyed. The worst part about it is I have ZERO free time because I have a million assignments to do. I'm moving back to Newbury around the 11th of May, and I am scared, here are the reasons why:
  1. I have to find a job: In the current climate it's going to be pretty tough for me to find a job, although I am going into it with the view that ANY job is a job, so i'm hoping I won't have to wait too long.
  2. I have to share a room again: Me and my sister (Who coincidentally has just started a blog), shared a room from when she was born until I left for Uni 3 years ago. I literally couldn't remember what it was like to have my own room. In fact when I came to uni I found it unsettling being in a room by myself, but I've grown to love it. I also have a lot of stuff that I have accumulated during my time here that I have to cram into a shared room.. this is not going to be fun.
  3. I'm going to miss my friends: I was getting teary eyed yesterday just thinking about it. I get to see my friends almost whenever I want to, I see Ellie EVERY day because we live together. It's going to be weird not sitting together in the evenings on our laptops just messing around, or watching Masterchef together... 
So there you have it, some of the things I am not looking forward to! I am also going to be REALLY busy over the next few weeks so my blogging will probably begin to slow down, the only upside of this is that once I move home I will have LOTS of time for blogging. Let me know in the comments if you have any big changes coming up in your lives!
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My Instaweek #1

Sunday 14 April 2013

It is time again for another roundup of my week in pictures! This week (due to the arrival of my iPhone) I have made the move to Instagram! As such I am hoping that my pictures will look a little more interesting than they did before so let me know what you think!

  1. My best friend this week... Yes I have been ill this week! And this box of tissues has so far been my only comfort!
  2. Sneaky Find! I found this box of chocolates hiding in my room! Safe to say they didn't survive the week!
  3. Organisation. This is the book I use to organise my blog, I managed to get it in the Paperchase sale!
  4. Reliving Childhood! I haven't had a packet of Pom-Bears for a LONG time, let alone managed to find a Salt and Vinegar pack! Thank you Aberystwyth Arts Center!
  5. Hunting Chicken. This is my current favourite dinner, Hunters Chicken with a jacket potato and corn on the cob. OM NOM!
  6. Car Graveyard. We visited a scrapyard and I cam across this beautiful Jag, the interiors were completely intact and it was beautiful! I now have some serious Jag lust!
  7. Making Trails. I have become literally obsessed with this iPhone game, 'Whale Trail' it's such a simple and addictive idea! You should give it a go ;)
  8. Standard Seafront Shot. I had to help a friend out with a shoot on Friday and thought I should probably kickstart my instagram scenery photos!
  9. Sunset. This beautiful sunset was my view from the top of Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth, it was actually my first time climbing the hill, and I almost died.
  10. 101 creepy masks. This is the mask I had to wear for the shoot, it made it extremely difficult to see anything, in fact in one of the earlier takes I stumbled over because I couldn't see the uneven grass!
  11. First Meal out in AGES! So me and Ellie after standing in the freezing cold for about an hour had decided that a curry was a brilliant idea and so made our way to the Shilam! Where I ate THE BEST peshwari naan I have ever eaten, seriously.
  12. Kleenex! After a long week of sneezing and coughing, I ran out of tissues and had to buy more... I hope this cold goes away soon!
  13. Name Badge. Yesterday was my final day of employment in Matalan, I had been working there almost two years, but it was time for me to go. (Mainly because I am moving home next month)
  14. Rolo OM NOM. I spied these babies in the Co-op and had to have them. I have a soft spot for rolo cookies!
  15. What the hell nature? So me and Ellie discovered this tiny little shoot growing out of a drain in our sink.. Weird right?
So there you have it! My first Instaweek, let me know in the comments what you think and whether you like these kind of posts!
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Primark Haul #1!

Wednesday 10 April 2013

So when I went home last week I went a little overboard in Primark. I hardly ever get to go to Primark anymore, so when I tend to buy literally EVERYTHING I want. I had picked up twice as much as what I actually came out with but some of it just didn't suit me when I tried it on! So here is what I ended up with:

 The first things I snapped up were these dresses at only £5 each! I'll admit I first saw these two dresses on another blog and I knew I would HAVE to have them, after trying them on and confirming they flattered me I couldn't really say no. These two are perfect for summer, I especially love the rose print one (for obvious reasons).

The next two things I picked up were pretty practical. I've been in need of a normal length black cardigan for a LONG time. Currently I only own a black cut off one, so I saw this for £6 and grabbed it! I've also been in need of a long navy jumper, so picked one up as I walked past them! Then I kind of went mad for tops...

I saw this top as I was walking towards the cue, it was put in the wrong place and I picked it up and it was my size! It was fate. I had to have it. It's got this really cute print and then the spikes on the shoulder! Plus it is super comfy!

When I saw this one I had a little giggle at the slogan written on it. Me and my friends are forever putting on terrible French accents and shouting 'OUI OUI' at each other. So I knew I couldn't not buy this. In fact I showed this to my friend Ellie and she laughed so hard!

This top is kind of like the one above but with a spikey collar. I've been meaning to get into this whole spikes trend for a long time and I finally took the plunge!

I almost died when I saw this top. I absolutely LOVE dip dye, and skull prints are one of my favourites (even though I don't own any). Also I like the fact that this is pink, there isn't enough pink in my wardrobe!

So there you have it! there is what I bought at Primark! I was going to take pictures of myself in the clothing but I am unwell at the moment and as such I look and feel like death. Plus I didn't have anyone to take the pictures for me.

Let me know in the comments if you've snapped up any bargains at Primark recently! Or tell me what your favourite is out of all my buys!
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My Week in Twitpics #2!

Sunday 7 April 2013

This will actually be my final week in Twitpics as I have secured myself an iPhone! From now on it's Instagram all the way baby!

  1. Mary Berry's Easter Pavlova: I LOVE the Great British Bake Off, and I harbour a serious love for Mary Berry so I knew I HAD to make this Easter Pavlova for my family whilst I was home. It was absolutely fantastic.
  2. Bowling Shoes: Me and my baby bro went bowling. He beat me, every single time. Me and bowling really don't get along...
  3. Bro with weird eyes: He popped these eyes out of a mask we found at the bowling alley and then proceeded to do this for the rest of the day... you really wouldn't guess he's 15 this year...
  4. Cat's in Shopping Bags: My mum opened the cupboard to find the cats having a kip in the shopping bags, so obviously I had to snap a quick picture! (sorry it's dark, but it was in a cupboard!)
  5. Graduation Dress: I chose what dress I want for graduation! Now to pray to the dress fairies that there will still be one available when my loan eventually comes through!
  6. Cheeky McDonalds Breakfast: Mother treated me and Tish to a MD breakfast, this was the day that I met up with fellow blogger Kerrie! (Post coming soon)
  7. Train Reading: I bought this and another book in WHSmiths in a 2 for £7 offer and I love my crime books, so natural gave it a good looking at! This one is very gritty, there were some parts that really annoyed me because the character motivation is a bit off but oh well.
  8. My First Product for Review: YES! I have been sent my first product to review on the blog. This box is massive, and I was very surprised to see that the company sent me their entire new range to try out! *watch this space for those reviews*
  9. Malteasers Teasers Bar: I managed to scoff an entire one of these at work... whoops. They are seriously tasty though and I will most definitely be buying again!
So there you have it! That's what I've been getting up to this week. As I said next week will feature more Instagram photos! Also please let me know if you have any suggestions for apps I should get for my iPhone! 

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Blog Design!

Friday 5 April 2013

So this evening I helped my sister set up her blog and I designed the entire thing! (Apart from the social media buttons). You can check out the full design here.

I'm thinking of offering blog designs really cheaply. I don't know. I'm kind of on the fence about it. Let me know what you think.

If you want me to take a look at your blog then please email me:

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Ultimate Benefit Wishlist!

Thursday 4 April 2013


I am enjoying writing wishlist posts far too much right now... someone stop me! God help my bank account when my loan comes in... Seriously...

Anyway, I was having a sneaky look at the Benefit counter yesterday when I went into town to meet Kerrie, and I could stare at all these beautiful products for hours. The packaging, the colours, I literally want EVERYTHING! When I move back in May I am planning to book myself in for a free Benefit makeover, and then I will simply HAVE to take the plunge and buy a Benefit product. I did actually own They're Real Mascara, but I bought it off of an Ebay seller and had a bad reaction to it, so had to send it back. Still not sure whether it was a fake or not... This is also the reason that Bad Gal Lash is in my wishlist rather than They're Real, as I don't fancy having another allergic reaction anytime soon!

I'm not going to mention all the products in my wishlist as some are pretty self explanatory... but here are the products that are top on my hitlist:
  • Something About Sofia Fragrance - I absolutely LOVE the packaging of these fragrances, the mini cocktail shaker idea was genius. I had a good sniff of all of the fragrances whilst stood at the counter yesterday and this was hands down my favourite. Here is how Benefit describes the scent, 'oriental floral - a dream of oriental blossoms, mango & vanilla an intriguing & mysterious scent with a free spirit.'. Trust me when I say this fragrance is super yummy!
  • Fine-One-One - When I first saw this product recently on a blog I thought to myself, 'Who in their right mind would wear that!'. To me it looked far too orange and bright, and I thought it looked horrible. At the counter though curiosity got the better of me and I swatched it on the back of my hand. After some careful blending I achieved a colour I can only describe as amazing, and now I want it.
  • Feeling Dandy Gift Box - I fell in love with the cute, simple colours in this cheek and lip tint gift box. It comes with: Posietint, High Beam, Dandelion Face Powder, and Ultra Plush Dandelion Lip Gloss. I'm not massively confident with either cheek or lip colours but I thought this box looked like the perfect starter kit for someone wanting to wear more makeup! This is actually #1 product I desperately want!
  • How To Look The Best At Everything (Light) - This is the perfect starter face kit from Benefit and would give me a good test of a few of the products in this wishlist! It comes with: The POREfessional, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation, Boi-ing concealer (1&2), and Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-up. This is definitely a close second to the Feeling Dandy Gift Box!
So there you have it! There is ANOTHER what I am lusting after list. I will stop making these I promise... 
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Adventure Lust: Theatre Shows Edition!

Wednesday 3 April 2013

I seriously enjoyed writing that graduation dress wishlist last night so I thought I would share a few more things that I am lusting for, this time Theatre and Show tickets... I studied Drama at secondary school and as such went to a few shows a year, since going to university I am ashamed to say that I haven't been to any shows. I am hoping to remedy that over the summer and here are some of the shows I HAVE to see.
  1. Wicked - I've wanted to see this show for SO long it's unbelievable. My sister got to go last year with her school and I was seriously jelly! I simply have to see this soon, especially seeing as I already know the lyrics to some of the more popular songs. 
  2. The Woman in Black - I studied this in Drama at school, and at the time we did go and see the stage show, however ever since seeing the Daniel Radcliffe film version last year I have been desperate to go and see the show again! What I remember of the show was being pretty scared, because our teachers had filled our heads with rumours of the Woman in Black walking through the audience. I also remember screaming rather loudly at one point... 
  3. Cirque Du Soleil London - I have ALWAYS wanted to go and see this show. The acrobatics, the make up, the costumes and the music. What is not to like? I have almost gone to the show a few times to be honest, even once in Vegas. I got super excited when I saw it was playing at the O2 this summer! I am seriously considering it... 
  4. Shrek The Musical - My mum's friend actually alerted me to the existence of this show. She went to see it last summer and said that the special effects were amazing. I am a MASSIVE fan of special effects, and not only that but Shrek too! I'm pretty sure I can quote almost the entire of the first and second Shrek films because we always used to watch them in school before the summer break when the teachers ran out of things to teach us. Unfortunately this musical is currently closed! *sobs* 
  5. Sarah Millican - I don't even know if this counts as a show but I don't care. I LOVE this woman. I had a chance to see her at the Arts Centre in Aberystwyth last year but by the time I went to buy tickets they were already gone. I think I literally cried. She is one of the only female comedians that I actually find funny. That's not me being sexist, I just think she's funny without playing too much on sexism, or race. 
So there you have it! Here are 5 of the shows that I am desperate to see. Does anyone want to come with me/buy the tickets? No? 

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments if there are any shows you are dying to see!
*This is a sponsored post.
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Graduation Dress Inspiration!

Tuesday 2 April 2013


  1. New Look - £24.99
  2. New Look - £39.99
  3. Chi Chi - £59.99
  4. Quiz (Debenhams) - £49.99
  5. Asos Curve - £25.00
  6. Asos Curve - £32.00
  7. Asos Curve - £28.00
  8. Quiz (Debenhams) - £49.99
  9. Ax Paris (New Look) - £40.00
Today I have been having a long hard think about my graduation. It is actually mainly because someone in my village posted on Facebook that she found her graduation dress already. I realised I've not actually thought about the kind of dress I want for graduation. I'm not too sure how formal/casual to go, having never been to graduation before. So I had a quick search on some of my usual online browsing favourites and found the above selection. I'll admit I found the Chi Chi dress because of this giveaway, and I totally fell in love with it. Other than that I have to admit I really like number 4 if I'm going formal. The best thing about these dresses is they are all under £60! Now I just have to convince someone to buy me one for graduation...
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Game Review: Infected: The Twin Vaccine

Monday 1 April 2013

I love Hidden Object Games. I am addicted to them. If you ever read my OLD blog then you may know this already because I wrote a couple of Hidden Object Game (HOG) reviews there. This is my first on this blog, and I am super excited about it because it's actually the first HOG that I have played in a long time! 

For those of you who probably have NO idea what I am talking about I'll give you the basic idea of a HOG. It's basically some kind of mystery that you have to solve by finding objects and then using them to unlock puzzles that progress the story line. They are the perfect kind of 'casual games' for people that want to play more games but don't have a lot of time. 

I don't know about anyone else who plays these games but I tend to find that once I have started one, I HAVE to finish it all in one sitting. This is mainly because I am super impatient and have to find out what happens in the end! Anyway back to this game in particular, here is what Big Fish Games says this game is about:

'Search for a missing girl who holds the key to stopping a global epidemic in Infected: The Twin Vaccine! A new breed of virus has spread throughout the City of Oxford forcing the area to be quarantined. The first reported case of the virus was found in 6 year old twin sisters Tiffany & Theresa Morrisey. Tiffany never survived the infection but Theresa made a full recovery and is now believed to be the key to finding a cure. In the chaos of a city-wide evacuation, Theresa has gone missing. You must travel back to the abandoned city of Oxford to find her before the virus spreads globally. Though be’re not the only one back in town.'

I actually picked this game up in a 2 for £15 offer at GAME, and I was super excited to start playing it. Initially I thought it was about zombies, oh how wrong I was!

One of the best things about this game was that before you started playing you could set your difficulty levels and how quickly your hints would regenerate! I am fairly good at these games but sometimes I have a complete moment of brain malfunction, where I can't seem to find an object (even if it's right in front of me) so having quicker regenerating hints is a great help.

The description above pretty much tells you what the game is about, the plot is fairly interesting and is revealed at a good pace. I didn't find any points that I was particularly annoyed with the pace.

Another great thing about this game was that it wasn't too hard! It drives me NUTS when I am playing a game with an amazing story and it gets too difficult for me to continue playing, then I never find out what happens! Not only did I manage to complete this game, I finished it in a few hours and even managed to play the bonus chapter! I definitely think that these kinds of games are for everyone and this one was certainly up there with the best ones that I have played. 

If you want to know more about Hidden Object Games then check out Big Fish Games! Also if you want to start playing HOG I definitely recommend Phantasmat as it is my all time favourite Game of this genre!
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