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Tuesday 17 October 2017

Popworld Reading exterior
Popworld Reading!
A few weeks ago I attended the opening weekend of a brand new club in Reading, Popworld. When I first received my invite I immediately got excited because Pop music is definitely my kind of thing, and I hadn't been clubbing in such a long time (at least a year and a half). Of course who else was I going to invite but my good friend Lisa from United Cakedom, thankfully she agreed to tag along, and even brought her friend Jacob too!

Some of our goodies from Popworld Reading
Some of our goodies!
When we arrived we were directed to a booth which had been reserved for us and we were given novelty sunglasses, visors and glowsticks to wear. I didn't hesitate to put them on and get in the mood for the evening ahead! There was also a giant martini glass on our table full of sweets such as haribo and drumstick lollies, which we ended up nibbling on throughout the evening. We were also told that we would receive a complimentary Partini, which is basically a sharing cocktail in a giant martini glass, we all opted to share a Sex on the Beach!
Collage of photos from our night out at Popworld Reading
All the fun we had!
As well as all the goodies we received we were lucky enough to be in on a night where ALL drinks were half price before 10pm, we certainly took advantage of that deal, ordering a few drinks at a time to tide us over for the evening. This also gave me a chance to sample a good range of their cocktails and here are my recommendations:

  • Cola Bottle Candy Pop - This drink literally tasted like cola bottles and even came with some fizzy ones floating in the top of the drink. 
  • Bubblegum Martini - If you like bubblegum then this is the drink for you, it tastes exactly like the sweet treat, and is bright blue, my favourite colour!
  • Apple & Raspberry Absolut Flaskas - This was hands down my favourite drink of the evening, I even ended up having two of them it was so good. They are really sweet tasting and don't even taste alcoholic, also they come in little mason jars!
If you like sweet flavours there are plenty of awesome cocktails to try, if not they carry all the usual beverages you'd expect to see, so you could stick with those instead.

As the night went on and the club began to fill up, the atmosphere got more and more exciting. The music was all amazing, in fact I don't think there was a single song played that night that I had never heard, which means the songlist gets an A+ from me! My favourite part of the night had to be when we were dancing along to some hits with these two strange girls, we didn't know who they were, but we were all dancing together just having a great time. A place that can bring everyone together through the use of pop music is certainly one that I will keep coming back to. 

At the end of the night we were tired, and our feet were sore, as was my throat from singing, but it couldn't have turned out to be a better night. I couldn't have asked for a better venue to host my return to going out and clubbing...

I have to say a big thanks to Popworld in Reading for having me along, if you are looking for a good night out, and a place where you can really sing and dance your heart out, then this club is the one for you! Check out Popworld Reading's website here to see what events they have coming up...

**I was invited to the opening weekend of this club and given entry, a booth and a complimentary drink for free, however all opinions in this post are my own**
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