May Roundup!

Sunday 31 May 2015

My finals photos, Decoration at my training, new watch, Snapple my favourite drink, Cuddles with the nephew, barn owl handling, Lush Oxford Street, Pamper evening face and foot mask, White chocolate waffle.

May has been quite a weird month for me, and a lot has happened this month. I started a new job, went to London for training, met another owl, and had some pampering and baby cuddles...

As so much has happened I thought that it was only right that I talked about some of the highlights of the month for me!

I went to a chocolate making evening in Reading, and got to make some yummy treats. As soon as I walked through the door I was hit by the smell of chocolate. That was due to the three huge vats of chocolate in the back of the room, one white, one milk and one dark... It was amazing... On the table in front of us was a huge selection of sweets to use on our chocolate, although most of them made it into our mouths before it did our chocolate...

We got to select our favourite flavour of chocolate to be the base of our bars, and we could even swirl them with other chocolates, which I attempted to do... badly I might add! Then we got to stuff our bars full of sweets. Once they were done we moved onto making a chocolate lollipop, and three truffles. By then end of the evening I felt sick with the amount of sweets and chocolate that I had eaten but I still had an amazing time!

The day before I went off to do my training Tim and I decided to go and spend the day in London hunting down some of the Shaun the Sheep sculptures that are currently all over London. They are all based on different themes and sponsored by different companies, and the idea is that you try and find as many as you possibly can. There are free maps you can get and specific trials you can follow, but honestly the maps were so confusing that Tim and I gave up after finding a mere eight Shaun's. That was about the time we headed to Lush Oxford street which you've already heard a tonne about.

I hope you've all had a good May, I know I have, and I hope that my year continues to be full and interesting!

This Week I'm...

Reading: Lots and lots of blogs
Listening To: A 90's Playlist on Spotify
Playing: CSI on Xbox 360
Feeling: Lost at the moment to be honest
Looking Forward To: Getting better

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Beauty Besties: Five Minute Makeup Challenge!

Saturday 30 May 2015

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope your day is going great! Welcome to the first Beauty Besties post, and this week we both took on the 5 Minute Makeup Challenge. I decided to film myself doing this so that you could all have a good laugh at me, firstly not wearing makeup, and then secondly failing at application... Kerrie has also written a post for the challenge and you can check that out over at her blog Pish, Posh and Polish. Let me know what you guys think of the video :)

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First Impressions: Lush Eye Jewels

Thursday 28 May 2015

I have something super exciting to show you guys today, I literally wanted to cry happy tears when I found these guys at the Lush Oxford street store! Introducing Eye Jewels, they are essentially made up of cocoa butter and pigment, and look like little crayons. They go on so smoothly and they are so easily blendable... I cannot recommend them highly enough. So if you want to see what they are like then watch the below video, I promise you will be lusting after them as soon as you see them!

If you'd like to see me do an eye look with these then please let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do.
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Introducing Beauty Besties!

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Welcome to Beauty Besties a new feature whereby myself and the lovely Kerrie of Pish Posh and Polish will be bringing you weekly posts all about beauty! Each week will have a new theme, and we will each write a post to go along with that theme so you will get two different perspectives on the same point.

Alyssia's Profile:

When I started blogging I ran a nail blog called Rose Tint My Nails, and that is how I met Kerrie! After starting Alyssiarose I decided to give up my nail blog and focus on a blog more about my lifestyle, with a bit of beauty thrown in. I have always been obsessed with beauty and when I was a teenager I would spend hours and hours watching Youtube makeup tutorials, and I still do even now. This year I finally got around to training as a makeup artist, something I have wanted to do since graduating university a couple of years ago, and now I am finally starting down the path to become a TV and Film makeup artist. With all that in mind I thought it was about time that I started blogging about beauty more!

1. What is your Skintype?

I always used to think that I was combination, but more recently I have noticed that my skin is much more oily than combination, especially around my T-zone.

2. What is your must have beauty product?

Whenever I wear makeup I HAVE to wear eyeliner. I literally cannot wear a look without some form of eyeliner. I’m a massive fan of a cat eye, and I find the best way to achieve that is with a felt eyeliner pen. At the moment I am using a double ended one from Makeup Revolution and it saves me so much time!

3. If you were stranded on an island and could only use either foundation or mascara, which would you pick and why?

Mascara hands down, because my eyes are my best feature and they would be lost without luscious lashes to frame them.

4. Favourite High End brand VS Fav Drugstore brand?

My Favourite ‘high end’ brand is probably Benefit, and not just because I work for them either. Their products really work, and the package is fun and bright. I think overall the best thing about Benefit is they don’t have a million products that all do the same thing, they find something that works, and stick to it. My favourite drugstore brand is a bit of a tough one, for price it would have to be Makeup Revolution, as you can’t beat them on price, and you still get a decent quality product. However if I were to pick based on quality alone, I would probably say Bourjous. Though I only own 3 Bourjous products, which are all lipsticks, they are by far my favourite of any I own. I will be expanding my Bourjous collection very soon!

5. Favourite Mascara?

At the minute I am obsessed with Benefit’s Roller Lash, and I was before I even started working for Benefit! I got the mini tester with Elle Magazine in February and ever since I got it I have been unable to put it down. I have really long lashes, but they are pin straight, and I find it so hard to give them curl and volume, but somehow roller lash seems to work for me. The brush has these little hooks that grab your lashes, and you don’t have to wiggle it through your lashes for good results, you simply roll it up and it curls your lashes. I honestly can’t ever see myself using another mascara, I am that obsessed with it.

Kerrie's Profile:

Hi there! My name is Kerrie and I blog over at PishPosh and Polish. While at University I started my blog to document my rising interests in beauty. Quickly this became a nail polish blog as I became obsessed! Luckily there happened to be a girl in my hometown who shared this obsession- my dear friend Alyssia! I now work at Boots, working as you can guess in the beauty department! Over the last 6 months my blog has started to focus again on the wider aspects of beauty and makeup again. But there are still plenty of nail photos too!

1. What is your Skintype?

My skin is very oily and I have constant battles with it. I have struggled over the last few years to find my dream routine and product but I might finally be there.

2. What is your must have beauty product?

Eyeliner! I use a Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof eyeliner and love it! I have about five of these. I feel I don't look awake with a quick bit of liner! A close second for me is lipstick though.

3. If you were stranded on an island and could only use either foundation or mascara, which would you pick and why?

Foundation for sure! My skin is in quite a bad state after battling with oily skin and hormonal acne and I get quite self conscious about it. Although if I was on a stranded island this might not be as much of an issue!

4. Favourite High End brand VS Fav Drugstore brand?

I do love a bit of Estee Lauder. Oh and MAC! Their lipsticks are magical. As for budget brands I really like  Makeup Revolution and I find for the ultra cheap price Natural Collection is really great too! I like the fact that they are all natural which is something that a lot of higher end brands can't boast about.

5. Favourite Mascara?

They're Real by Benefit really separates my lashes and lasts all day. I wanted to love Roller Lash but for me it just didn't look as good. Most days I don't wear mascara as I have naturally dark lashes and I am too lazy, espically if I have to go to work. This is something I should start to improve on. 
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Lush Oxford Street Shopping Trip

Thursday 14 May 2015

I went up to London last week from training for my new job, and whilst I was there I simply could not resist going to Oxford street to visit the new LUSH store. After seeing numerous Youtube videos from my favourites about the new and exclusive products, I knew I had to visit!

Spread across three floors, there were so many goodies to see, all split into different sections to make it nice and easy for you to find everything you needed.

As well as the usual LUSH products that you know and love there are roughly 240 new exclusive products being sold only in the Lush Oxford Street Store! One of which is Comforter Shower Gel, which unfortunately they were sold out of so I could not get my hands on it...

Everything is set out so beautifully and you can see everything clearly. As expected everything smells amazing, and the new products fit in with the older product perfectly! I managed to pick up a few of the new pieces including the Lava Lamp Bath Bomb pictured above, which smells like oranges!

The stand that I was most excited and intrigued by was the makeup stand. There were a tonne of products that I have never seen before, and that I desperately wanted to buy! Starting with the lipstick blocks pictured on the left, they have several different colours in one block, and you simply wet a lipstick brush and use it on the colour you want. You can even mix colours from the block to make an entirely new shade.

Then there were the eye shadow pigments, which I think are available in all Lush stores, but I may be wrong. They come in several colours however there are four which are made from completely natural pigments, and these ones are beautiful... when dry they show as one colour, and then if you wet them they change colour right before your eyes, they are honestly gorgeous.

Finally and the product I am most excited about are the eye jewels! They are basically little wedges which you use kind of like eye crayons. They are made up of cocoa butter and pigment meaning they are actually really hydrating for your eyes too. I almost picked up all of these, but I managed to limit myself to just four of them which at £10 each made for a fairly expensive visit... I don't want to give away too much about these just yet though as I am planning to do a Youtube video on them very soon, so watch this space...

Honestly if you are heading up to London any time soon and you like Lush then you HAVE to visit Oxford Street... this store is seriously incredible. Although I would warn you to set yourself a budget, otherwise you will spend way more than you want to!

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Wishlist Wednesday: Diechmann Boots

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Having recently discovered Deichmann I was super surprised to find that I was wearing the wrong size shoe for me! I have worn a size 6 for as long as I could remember, and most of the time I felt as though they fit me fine, but actually a lot of the time my feet would slop out of them and it turned out they were too big. That's because I am actually a 5.5, having tried some on in Deichmann and found them to be much more comfortable, I don't think I will ever go back to wearing a 6!

Anyway whilst I was looking for a new pair of work shoes, I fell in love with a couple of pairs of boots, so I thought I would have a look online and see what else I could find, and now I want all of the things...

  1. Lace Up Ankle Boots
  2. Brown Ankle Boots
  3. Chunky Platform Boots
  4. Chunky Lace Up Boots
  5. Leather Ankle Boots
  6. Black Lace Up Boots
  7. High Leg Boots
  8. Brown Short Boots
  9. Brown 'Doc Martin Style' Boots
Let me know in the comments which of the above are your favourite, it might help me decide which to buy first!
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Lush Inventory

Monday 11 May 2015

I made a Youtube video again... FINALLY! AND I used my new camera to film it... OMG I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT.... Sorry... I'm excited that I finally used my new camera!

I thought that it was about time that I sat down and had a look through my Lush stash before I go and buy even more stuff... I was surprised to find that I have stuff in the box left over from last October! Check out the video below to find out what I currently own, or if you don't have time I have compiled a list underneath the video for you to take a look at.

List of products mentioned in the video:
  • Christmas Hedgehog
  • Strawberry Feels
  • Snowman Fun
  • Fresh Pharmacy
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap
  • Carrot Soap
  • Yummy Mummy Shower Gel
  • Pot O' Gold Shower Gel
  • Rose Bath Melt
  • Mother Superior Bath Bomb
  • Green Bubbleroon
  • Secret Garden Bath Bomb
  • Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
  • Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb
  • Northern Lights Bath Bomb
  • Immaculate Egg-ception Bath Bomb
Woah... That's a lot of Lush! Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these products, or if you have any recommendations for what I should try next!
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Sum Up Sunday #18

Sunday 10 May 2015

The last few weeks have been interesting for me, I got back from my film shoot and had an interview for a makeup counter job, which I am pleased to say I got!

After it was confirmed that I got the job I was sent off to London for three days to train for my new role, which I actually started yesterday. I honestly love my new job despite only having done it for a day, I really feel at home with what I am doing. If any of you bloggers are from the same area as me you can come and visit me in Camp Hopson's in Newbury.

So what else have I been up to?

Well I went to a chocolate making evening near Reading with my social group, and we got to make 3 chocolate bars, truffles and even a chocolate lollipop. It was honestly really fun, although I did go home feeling a little sick after eating so much chocolate!

I also had a massive clear out of my makeup and ended up throwing it pretty much all away, apart from what I use on a daily basis. Which of course we all know means I can go and buy new makeup, right?

I also had my first Creams whilst I was in London. They make crepe's, waffles and also ice cream, I know there is one in Reading so the next time I am there I will be popping in. I was recommended a White Chocolate waffle, which had banana and strawberries on it, and it was honestly unbelievably yummy... I am going to be sad when I am on my diet next week and have to give up all the naughty things...

This Week I'm...

Reading: The Curvy Girls Club by Michele Gorman
Listening To: Heart Radio, loving my club classics
Playing: Mario Kart with Tim on our 3DS'
Feeling: Excited to be getting back into a routine
Looking Forward To: Getting into the swing of being on a makeup counter
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