Avon Haul #1

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Photograph of all of my Avon Haul Goodies
Avon Haul Goodies
I mentioned a few weeks ago when I reviewed the Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks that I hadn't bought any Avon products since my mum was a rep when I was a teenager. Recently however that has changed dramatically, and I have been spending more and more time leafing through the catalogues and spending all my money there! I thought I would share my purchases so that I could actually sit down and work out what I have actually spent...

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Easter Hot Cross Buns!

Sunday 27 March 2016

Photograph of my home-made hot cross buns
Yummy Hot Cross Buns!
Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I hope your day is full of chocolate eggs and roast dinners, and lots and lots of family time. In celebration of this time of year I decided to bake something that I have not only never made, but have rarely eaten. I think in my entire lifetime I have probably eaten one or two Hot Cross Buns, such a shame right? So to redeem myself a little bit I decided to make not one, but two types of Hot Cross Buns. Chocolate Orange, and just plain old original. so read on if you want to know how to make them...
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Wishlist Wednesday: Kitchenware

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Pictures of everything on my kitchenware wishlist
Kitchenware Wishlist
It's been a long time since I've had a good look at Kitchenwares, mainly because living with Tim's parents means that we don't have our own kitchen, nor very much room for things. That doesn't stop me from dreaming though. I hope that very soon Tim and I will be in a place of our own and that will give me a good excuse to pick up some of the things on my list...
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Urban Decay Goodie Bag

Monday 21 March 2016

Photo of all the items from our event goodie bag

Over a month ago I was invited along to go to an event at an Urban Decay counter in The Oracle, Reading, which you can read about here. On the night we were very lucky to receive a goody bag from the team at Urban Decay, which was not only very surprising, but also greatly appreciated. Urban Decay is a brand that I have always been interested in, however until very recently I had never actually owned any products from them. You will have seen me mention before that I have started collecting their eyeshadow palettes since Christmas, but until the event I hadn't really ever used any of their other products. Since the event I have been obsessed with growing my UD collection, and this goodie bag certainly really helped...
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Creme Egg Brownies

Friday 18 March 2016

Finished Creme Egg Brownies in their tin
Finished Creme Egg Brownies
Another week, another creme egg recipe, and today I bring you what I think is my most highly anticipated recipe. I've never met a person who doesn't like a good brownie, and who wouldn't love a slice of brownie with a yummy creme egg right in the centre of it? Well except people who don't like Creme eggs...
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Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Photograph of the packaging for the Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks
Beautiful classic packaging
A long time ago when I was younger my mum was an Avon Representative and I used to help her hand out books, and collect them, and every so often she would let me put a little order in. Nine times out of ten that order would be makeup, I used to be absolutely obsessed with the Colour Trend brand they have, and because it was so cheap I could often get quite a few bits. When mum stopped being a representative, I kind of just stopped buying Avon. That was until very recently when Avon seem to be trying to re-market themselves towards a younger market...

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Facebook Raffling!

Monday 14 March 2016

A few years back I was first acquainted with Facebook raffles, and I became obsessed with them, unfortunately the groups I was part of didn't survive, and I kind of forgot about them. That was until last week when I was reminded how much fun I used to have raffling things, and so I decided to revive my love of raffling by starting my own group!

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Creme Egg Bark

Friday 11 March 2016

Photograph of my Cream Egg Bark
Creme Egg Bark
This week I have yet another recipe involving Creme Eggs to celebrate Spring/Easter. This week's recipe is so simple, it literally took my about 10-15 mins to make this (not including setting time). As you may have guessed from the title this week is all about bark. If you've never heard of Chocolate bark, don't worry it doesn't involve trees! Bark is basically chocolate with yummy bits on top of it cut into random pieces. So if you want to know how I made this mouth watering stuff then keep reading...

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Girls Day Out in Reading

Thursday 10 March 2016

Photograph of the outside Wolf Italian Street Food Restaurant

A few weeks back I went to a blogger event in Reading at Urban Decay in House of Fraser, you can find the post all about that here. Anyway another blogger at that event was Lisa of United Cakedom, we had met each other a few times before, and we got on really well, so after the event we decided that we should have another meetup. As we didn't both get our full makeup done at the event due to time, we decided to book in to Urban Decay again, and spend the day in Reading.

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Wishlist Wednesday: Urban Decay Cosmetics

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Photo of the items in my Urban Decay Wishlist
So many beautiful items!
Having had my makeup done at an Urban Decay counter twice now, I have a massive list of things that I absolutely must buy, as you can see from the picture above! For full details and links please see below...

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Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick Collection

Monday 7 March 2016

Photograph of the rose gold collection packaging
Rose Gold Packaging
A few weeks ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when something beautiful caught my eye, some new lipsticks from my favourite budget brand, Makeup Revolution. I'll be totally honest it was the packaging that really grabbed me, I am a big fan of the rose gold trend, so as soon as I saw these I knew I would have to buy some...
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Cream Egg Cheesecake

Sunday 6 March 2016

photo of finished cream egg cheesecake
Yummy Creme Egg Cheesecake
Seeing as March is a month all about Spring and Easter I thought that I would pick a theme for my baking this month, and as you may be able to tell from the title, that my theme is Creme Eggs! The main reason I chose Creme Eggs is that they only have a really limited run every year from February to March, so I only have a short while to enjoy them. What better way is there to enjoy one of my favourite chocolates, than by baking with them. To ease myself into the month I decided to make something fairly simple, a Creme Egg Cheesecake! The recipe for which I found here on Taming Twins blog, so make sure you check out the original, but there were a few things I did differently...
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Happy Box Swap

Saturday 5 March 2016

Happy Box Swap post title image

A couple of months back the lovely Jenny of Ramblings of a Jaffa Cat posted in a Facebook group that she runs, that she would like to organise a box swap. I've always had a great time when I do a box swap with someone, and am always really surprised at how well people are able to read me just from my blog! I also really enjoy picking out things for someone else, it always makes me feel really good...

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New Sprinkle of Glitter Collection for Simply Be!

Friday 4 March 2016

Photograph of Louise from Sprinkleofglitter
Louise of Sprinkleofglitter via
Yesterday one of my favourite Bloggers/Youtuber's Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter announced that she has completed her second collaboration collection with Simply Be. Now to be honest I never got around to seeing her original collection, but when I saw her announcement video yesterday, I knew that there were some pieces that I wouldn't be able to live without. You can watch the announcement video below...

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My Recent Palette Purchases

Thursday 3 March 2016

Last year I made the decision not to buy only Drugstore/cheap makeup, and to spend some money investing in some high end makeup. This was in the hopes that I would be a lot more likely to use the makeup that I bought, considering it would cost a decent amount of money. Now I'm sure that I have mentioned before that I have an absolute obsession with eye shadow palette's, so naturally that is where I started...
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Mothers Day Gift Guide

Wednesday 2 March 2016

This weeks Wishlist Wednesday is a little bit different, because it's not about things on my wishlist. It's actually all about ideas for what to get your Mum for this coming Sunday! I always dread Mothers Day because I never really know what to get her, so normally she'll ask for something specific. If you are like me and you are struggling of a gift idea for your mother, then I'm hoping this will help you...

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