Friday Favourites!

Friday 31 January 2014

I'm sure I started a weekly favourites post at some point, but I literally cannot recall when that was. Anyhow, I'm inspired by the lovely Leona's Thankful Thursday posts, and I thought it was about time that I started sharing with you all everything that makes me smile!

I reached my one year Blogiversary this week, and to celebrate I'm doing a Giveaway, so make sure to check that out!

I got a haircut! I was less than impressed with it when I first saw it, and I'm still unsure to be honest, but I like it in this photo, and I'm sure it will be better when it grows. I even vlogged about it...

My Youtubing is getting more serious with every passing day, and I have helped to organise a collaboration channel. Myself and 6 others with be posting vlogs every day of the week, set to a specific theme for each week. My day is Friday, so if you want to see my first video next Friday then please go Subscribe to the Youtube Channel!

I finally watched Frozen, and it was as amazing as I knew it would be! I now have Let it Go in my head constantly...
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One Year Blogiversary, and Giveaway!

Wednesday 29 January 2014

I can't believe that it has been one whole year since I started this blog! Technically I had been blogging for much longer than that, but after starting a nail blog in November 2012 on Blogger, I decided to move my personal blog over to here too. From then on I took my blogging much more seriously, and I'm glad I did. I never thought this blog would grow as it has done, and I'm so thankful for all the new friends that I have made through blogging. This past year has been very interesting, and also very up and down for me, but I'm glad that my blog has given me something to focus on! So to celebrate a year of Alyssiarose, I thought I'd share a few things with you dear readers.

Firstly I wanted to share with you what I have done on the blog so far, and then I remembered I wrote a year in review post in December, that goes through what I got up to last year! So check that our if you want to see what I have achieved on this blog in one year!

Secondly I want to share my blog goals with you all, as I think it's very important to have something to help you focus!

  1. Pick up on all the features I seem to have left behind recently! I'm mainly talking about posts like 'My Week in Instapics', and carrying on with my Gaming diaries, seeing as those are the posts that I have the most fun writing!
  2. Blog at least once a week! This is something I have been seriously slacking on recently, just taking a look at my archive, it makes me cringe seeing how much I've neglected this blog recently!
  3. Continue to Youtube! I've really been enjoying making Youtube videos properly for the past few months, and I'm planning to keep it up. In fact I have a little surprise coming up next week that will ensure I will keep making videos!
  4. Have a greater presence online! I want to start a dialogue with all my readers, I want to be there for you all to chat with. So this goal is all about me responding to comments, and making a conscious effort to comment on other peoples blogs/Youtube channels!
  5. Take more photos! I have an amazing camera, and I am guilty of not using it to it's full potential! So this year, I want to bombard you all with photos!
So there you have it, my main goals for this year, we'll see how far I get with them!

Finally, to celebrate my blog reaching it's first year, I wanted to host a giveaway! Considering I posted a video recently about my addiction to Eyeshadow Palettes, I thought I might as well give in, and giveaway another one!

So I'm going to be giving away a W7 'In The Buff' palette! 

Photo Courtesy of LetzMakeupBlog

This palette has been ALL over the internet recently, but I first saw it in a video by Siobhan of the LetzMakeup Blog and Youtube Channel! She was talking about how it is a possible Dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette, you can check out her post here. Knowing how much bloggers love the Naked Palette, my curiosity was peaked, and I had to take a look! She not only posted a photo of the palettes together, but also swatched them side-by-side, photos of which you can check out below:

Photo Courtesy of LetzMakeupBlog

Top row: W7, In the Buff Palette, Bottom row: Urban Decay, The Naked Palette. 
Photo Courtesy of LetzMakeupBlog

So you can see that although they aren't perfect matches, they are pretty darn close, and considering the difference in price, £5 vs. £38 (prices according to Ebay), you have to sit up and take notice of this palette! 

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter widget below! The giveaway will run until the end of February, so good luck everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Insta-Roundup: December 2013-January 2014!

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Seeing as I've been TERRIBLE at writing my 'Week in Instapics' posts, I thought I should have a bit of a catch-up, and so I've decided to post all my instagram photos from December until now... Get ready for a picture overload!

 From top left to bottom right: On the train, Pretty Blouse, New Headphones, Steak Treat from the Boyfriend, Paper Snowflake, Hot Chocolate.

 From top left to bottom right: Terrible Selfie, Christmas Tree, Standard Nandos, New Boots, Selfie with Jade, Posing with the Cutie.

 From top left to bottom right: Work Selfie, Text Santa Hat, Present from Kerrie, GIANT Turkey, Truth Hat, My boyfriend being TOO funny.

 From top left to bottom right: Christmas Pascal, Polar Jumper, Nice Christmas Selfie, New Tablet, Hat from Tim's Mum, Gloves from his sister.

 From top left to bottom right: Frankie and Benny's Sundae, Smoothie from Coals, Duck Pate @ Coals, Cheesy pizza bread, Date night selfie, Eyeliner Selfie.

From top left to bottom right: Being cooked for, Chilli Dog, My sister being a fool, Owl Thingy, Reading Material, Cuddles with my baby <3

So there we have it, that's what I have been getting up to on Instagram!! Hopefully I'll keep up with weekly posts from now on, to save these massive photo heavy posts!
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The 90's Tag!

Friday 24 January 2014

I thought it was about time that I did another tag video, so I made a bit of a fool of myself and did The 90's Tag! Enjoy...

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Birthday Wishlist!

Wednesday 22 January 2014

With it being just over a week until my birthday I thought that it might be a good idea to start talking about the things that I want for my birthday!

I've actually really struggled with what I want this year, but I managed to think of six things that I wouldn't mind getting!
  1. LUSH Bath Bombs: After being originally shown LUSH by bloggers, I have become obsessed, however my current favourite products are bath bombs, any and all in the range would be a welcome birthday gift!
  2. Primark Gift Voucher: All the things I could buy with a gift voucher... Nuff Said.
  3. Blue Rose Iphone Case: I am definitely in need of a new case for my iphone.. we all know how much I love rose patterns and the colour blue...
  4. Makeup The Ultimate Guide: I want to brush up on my makeup skills, and I'm hoping that this book would help me.
  5. Real Techniques Starter Kit: This was on my Christmas wishlist, and as you may be able to tell, I didn't get it for Christmas. Hoping it will make it's way into my gifts this time!
  6. Small World: This is a nerdy board game that I first played with my uni friends, and it is super fun! 

Other than that, the only other thing I can really think of that I want is experience vouchers. My adventure lust from last year really hasn't subsided. I want to go horse riding, quad biking, 4x4 off-roading, rock climbing etc...

I don't know why I struggled so much!

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My Addiction....

Friday 17 January 2014

It's about time that I admitted something... I have an addiction... to eye-shadow palettes...

If you want to find out more, watch the video below!

I'm really enjoying getting back into Youtube, I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!
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Super Youtuber Wishlist!

Friday 17 January 2014

Ever since I've started making Youtube videos regularly, my list of things of filming equipment that I need/want has gone through the roof. So I thought I would share this list with you guys!

  1. Opteka Macro Lens: £14.81: A lens that makes it easier to shoot things super close up!
  2. Shoulder support rig: £70: Something that will help me get super smooth steady shots of stuff, and that will make my video creations look super professional!
  3. Camera-mountable Light: £24.30: To help brighten up my videos, when I can't shoot in natural light!
  4. Canon 75-300mm lens: £121.59: So that I can shoot things that are farther away, and give myself a better range of depth.
  5. Opteka Fisheye Lens: £44.95: So I can make videos that look like Liam Drydens... (super cool)
  6. Blue Microphone: £95.84: So that my audio is clearer, and I don't have to rely upon the audio from my canon alone.
  7. PhotoSEL Softbox Lighting Kit: £109.99: Another kit to make my videos look good when I have run out of natural lighting!
  8. Canon EOS 600D: £399: To help make shooting videos easier. I already have the 1100D, but this one has a moveable screen, so I would be able to film myself a lot easier!
Some of these things are higher up the list than others, such as the Microphone, and the lighting kit. However seeing as the total cost of this list ends up at £880.48, it looks like I'm going to be waiting a LONG time to get my hands on all of this equipment!

Let me know in the comments what is on your wishlist this week!
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First Haul Video! Primark Haul!

Monday 13 January 2014

So just after Christmas I went to Primark and spent far too much money... If you'd like a nosey at what I bought then please watch the video below, or i'll leave a list of everything i bought below!

  • 120 denier black tights: £3
  • 5 pack black tights: £3
  • Spotted black tights: £2
  • 2 Pack Sports Bras: £6
  • 3/4 length sleeve black dress: £5
  • Red rose pattern skater dress: £13
  • Blue Jeggings: £5.90
  • Black Disco Pants: £5
  • Grey Disco Pants: £1
  • Purple Disco Pants: £1
  • Black Buckle and Lace Boots: £10
Let me know if you've been to Primark recently, and what you bought!
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No Spend January: Update

Sunday 12 January 2014

As you may or may not know, I am taking part in a spending ban. I've managed to surprise myself by doing pretty well so far. As mentioned in my previous post, I was very worried about spending a lot of money on food, but I've been a very good girl this week.

First off I managed to sell an old iPhone 3GS that I had lying around for £40, so that gave me a little boost! Meaning I didn't have to be as strict with myself this week.

On Sunday my boyfriend treated me, by taking me to the cinema, and we also went for dinner beforehand and I paid for my own food. However seeing as we went to a Weatherspoon's, it really wasn't expensive at all. My boyfriend was kind enough to also buy me a Ben and Jerry's at the cinema! (he's certainly a keeper)

Other than that this week I have been a very good girl. I did have to buy myself some dry shampoo, as I actually ran out, but I managed to find an amazing offer in Superdrug! Three cans of dry shampoo for only £2, needless to say I am set for a long time.

Other than that this week has been fairly uneventful spending wise. I hope I continue on this winning streak though! Let me know in the comments if you are also taking part in a spending ban.
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14 Goals for 2014!

Friday 3 January 2014

Hello again everyone! It's finally time for me to write about my new years resolutions... Normally I only set one resolution, and it's always: 'Lose Weight'. This year I decided to go with 14 goals to accomplish in 2014, you can check my goals out below, or you can watch the video to see me talk about them!

My goals are as follows:
  1. Start going to/stick to the gym
  2. Lose 1 stone by the end of the year
  3. Eat more healthily (less takeaways)
  4. Drink more water, and a lot less Coca Cola
  5. Get a Full Time Job
  6. Move out of my mum's house
  7. Start saving money and being more sensible
  8. Go on more adventures
  9. Watch at least 2 films a week
  10. Keep up to date with all my TV shows
  11. Complete all the video games I own before buying more
  12. Read at least 1 book a month
  13. Keep making Youtube videos
  14. Be myself, and be happy
I wish you all the best of luck with your own resolutions! Let me know in the comments what your resolutions are, I love to read your comments.
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No Spend January

Friday 3 January 2014

I never thought I would be sat here writing a spending ban post, and yet here we are. Basically I spent far more than I should have over the Christmas period, and as such I have very little money to spend this month. So I thought seeing as I'm going on a complete spending ban, why not write about it here?

This month I am only allowed to spend money on essentials, so nothing on makeup, books, games, or even my biggest weakness, food. I am only allowed to buy things that I run out of or explicitly need, such as deodorant. The only exception to this is when I go out for my birthday on the 25th January, but even then I will only be buying a few drinks!

I think the hardest thing for me is going to be not buying myself a takeaway, or a nice lunch for when I am at work. Food is my biggest weakness. If anything I guess being on a spending ban will help me reduce the amount of rubbish I eat.

So I'm going to be reviewing how I get on weekly on Friday, starting next week. Let me know in the comments if you have ever completed a spending ban, and if you were successful, I could do with the comments of encouragement.

Also if you want to get involved, I will be using '#nospendjan' on Twitter, that way we can support each other!
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New Years Eve Challenge!

Thursday 2 January 2014

In case you missed it on my Youtube Channel, me and my boyfriend did a challenge video for New Years Eve!

It was based on Tyler Oakley's '12 Days of Christmas' video which he did with Sawyer Hartman. So I made a list of New Years Eve related things, and myself and Tim had to guess the price/percentage of each one. The loser then had to take a shot, you can check out what happened in the video below:

If you enjoyed the please like the video and subscribe to my channel. I've got plenty of exciting things coming up on the channel for you guys!
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