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Friday 5 August 2016

Well Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog. It's been over a month since my last post, but I promise the reason why I have been absent is a very good one! I actually have several pieces of news to share with you today so lets get started with the big one...

Back in March/April time Tim and I put in an application for a 2 Bedroom new build, shared ownership house, not really expecting much as we have put in applications before. A few weeks later we received the call that we could officially apply for the house, and everything has been a bit of a whirlwind since then. It started with getting an agreement in principle from the bank, which is essentially a piece of paper from the bank that says 'in theory we would lend you this amount'. Once that was done the actual hard work began, solicitors, lots of reading and so many signatures later, then finally last Wednesday we got the keys to our new home!

Photograph of my brand new house
Our new home!
Here it is, my new home... Since getting the keys last Wednesday I have done nothing but eat, sleep, and breathe this house. We've been working hard to get it ready for us to move in, mainly because we had to supply our own flooring for the home. We went for laminate in the hall and living room which my dad has been laying for us, then carpet for the bedrooms, stairs and landing. The bathroom, kitchen and downstairs loo all came with Lino, so we didn't need to worry about those. As of yesterday we are pretty much done, just have some finishing left to do and then we will be moving in on Sunday.

I will most likely do a whole post about the house when we move in, but please comment below and let me know what you would like to see. I'm also toying with the idea of writing a post on my experiences with buying a Shared Ownership property, so comment if you would like to see that too!

The second piece of news is equally as exciting as a new house, and is something that I will no doubt be writing a lot about on my blog... As you all know I have a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier called Maizey. She will hopefully be coming to live with us when we move into the house, this is of course dependent on how she reacts to the move, as she has lived in my family home her entire life. We're going to take baby steps with her, but she isn't the only one who will be coming to live with us!

This is Zero, he is our new puppy! Ever since Tim and I have lived together we have wanted to raise a puppy together, and now we will finally get that chance. We have both always been a massive fan of the way that Husky's look, however we know that they are so high energy, that we wouldn't be able to cope with one, at least not for our first dog. A few years ago I came across a breed called Pomsky's they are Pomeranian cross Husky's, a mix which creates a smaller, fluffier, and more manageable husky looking dog. However they are an extremely new and popular breed and as such they are fairly difficult to get hold of.

I had done a tonne of research on UK breeders of them and joined a million Facebook groups but we couldn't seem to get close to getting one. Back in April/May time we went to a dog show in Newbury with my mum's collie, Hollie. She entered into the fun dog show, and my mum took her into the ring, Tim and I decided to go and stand on the opposite side of the ring to get a better look. As the ring was filling up and the dogs were shuffling round, a very gorgeous looking, small, husky marked dog stopped right in front of us. I instantly fell in love with her, she was gorgeous, anyway I couldn't help but call over to her owner and find out more. She told me that the dog was a Pomsky and I could not believe my ears. We talked for a good five-ten minutes about dogs, and I got to stroke her gorgeous Pomsky, Xena. I was telling her about how all the breeders I knew about were so far away, and that's when she grabbed a business card out of her pocket and declared that she was actually a pomsky breeder! The rest of the day I would not stop talking about it, I really felt like our meeting was fate, and I was excited at the prospect of having a puppy in the future. As with the house we didn't expect things to move so quickly but I am so glad they did!

Shortly after our meeting the breeders, they actually conceived a litter of 75% Husky 25% Pomeranian puppies, and when they were born they were all so gorgeously Husky marked that Tim and I decided to put in an application. We didn't necessarily expect to be picked for this litter, but we thought at least then our application may be at the top for the next litter. Thankfully the breeders have a great Facebook group where they added constant updates on the puppies health and growth, as well as where they were in the application process. In fact it was only a few weeks ago that they contacted me saying that they wanted Tim and I to come and view the two remaining puppies with the view of getting one. Obviously as soon as we saw the puppies we fell in love with one in particular, and the rest was history!

All of the puppies were named after Star Trek characters, so Zero's litter name was Scotty. As much as Tim wanted to keep that name I wanted something a little different, and it honestly took us SO LONG to come up with a name, but we finally settled on Zero. I chose Zero after the ghost dog in Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim was happy with Zero because it's a name from Metal Gear Solid (one of his favourite game series), and then the breeders pointed out to me that it could also be interpreted as Sub-Zero, which I think is pretty fitting for a Husky type...

Unfortunately we still have about a month to wait until Zero gets to come home with us, but I'm sure that once we move in that will fly by! If like me you are obsessed with Husky looking doggies, or if you just want to follow Zero as he grows up, then feel free to follow the Instagram I made for him (@zero.the.pomsky).

When he arrives I am also thinking of doing a Q&A video with him, so feel free to comment below any questions you have or tweet me (@Alyssia_Rose). Also feel free to check out the website for Zero's Breeders!
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