31 Day Challenge! Day 10! Daily Routine!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hello again all! I hope you are enjoying these daily challenges as much as I am! I feel like not only am I sharing myself with you but I am learning things about myself that I didn't really think about before! So being a student I don't tend to wake up until around 10/10:30am sometimes even later if I don't have anything to do on that particular day. This is something that I will sorely miss when I graduate later this year and get a job!

So once I am awake I turn on my laptop and check all my social media sites, watch a couple of Youtube videos. This will take normally about an hour. Then I shower, and get dressed.

Depending on whether I have filming/lectures I will either do some work, write a blog post, or catch up with my favourite American TV shows.

I then spend the majority of my day watching TV, blogging, gaming, OR doing uni work.

I go to bed around 1am, and then start all over again the next day.

I didn't realise how boring my life looks until you write it all out like that. I just want to say that I don't think in ANY way that my life is boring and I absolutely love my routine. Obviously there are things that aren't in my routine EVERY day like when I have work, or when I go out with friends, but what I've written above is the bare minimum of what I do.

Let me know if you're routine is as dull as mine! If you want to catch up with my other challenges then please click the links below:

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  1. Mine's even duller, 4 days out of 5 I don't even bother getting dressed because I have nothing to do with my life.

  2. Hey, enjoy it while you can. The pace will definitely pick up when you graduate...more so when you start a family.

  3. Enjoy it while you can! What I wouldn't give to swap schedules with you for a few days. Aaahhh......how I miss those days. :-) Stopping by from the #31daymarch linkup and hoping you have a great weekend! Now following too! :-)

  4. Yeah, that sounds pretty close to my routine. I spend the majority of my day on the computer. But hey, you gotta love what you have, right?

  5. Your routine sounds wonderful. I'm very jealous.


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