22 before 22: Re-evaluation

Monday 18 November 2013

It's pretty interesting having a look back at my 22 Before 22 list, and seeing all the things that I wanted to achieve this year. I have a little over two months left before my birthday, so I thought I'd have a look over the list, and see where I am up to!

  • Go on a holiday without my family (Outside of the UK): This one is something that I am no closer to actually getting done. Mainly because I don't have any money for a holiday at the moment, and secondly because I now no longer have time to organise. 
  • Make an item of clothing: I did buy myself a book on sewing, and I already have a sewing machine, so I should be ALMOST there. However I don't think I'm going to get this one done either.
  • Write a Script: Although I have the first act of a script mapped out, I have not had the drive, or interest to pick it up again. I'm sure I will one day, just not any time soon.
  • Make a Scrapbook: This was something which at the beginning of the year I was really interested in doing, but it has since lost it's appeal.
  • Watch every film on my 'To Watch' list: Although I am committed to watching all the films on my list, I have found that I have to be in a certain mood to watch the films on my list, so although I do want to work my way through it, I'm going to do it at my own pace.
  • Learn a new craft: I'm not really sure what I wanted to get out of this goal when i wrote this list...
  • Lost Weight: I am slowly getting there, and I'm positive that I will reach my goal weight eventually.
  • Start Making Youtube Videos: I'm proud to say that this has finally happened, and I'm really happy with how it's going! I'm even planning to take part in Vlogmas! If you want to check out my channel then please click here.
  • Take More Photos: This is something else I have gotten better at. Ever since I got my iPhone 5S, I have been taking a tonne more pictures. Most of which have ended up on instagram, so check those out if you like!
  • Walk my dog more: I have been walking my little cutie a lot more, and I am enjoying spending time with my little fluffball.
  • Work through my Baking Book: I do still really enjoy baking, but considering a lifestyle change that I have made recently, I won't be baking as often as I would like to anymore.
  • Read 5 Classic Novels: Although I have completed one out of 5 on my list, I haven't made any progress towards the other four, mainly due to the fact that I have a gigantic stack of unread books in my room that I am slowly working through.
  • Stay in touch with my friends: This one has been a little bit more difficult. I was doing fine, up until recently when my two best friends completely betrayed me. I don't really want to go into it but yeah...
  • Play a Sport: I'm disappointed that I haven't managed to start this one yet, but I do have some plans to take up a few lessons soon.
  • Move out of my mum's house?: I had always put this with a question mark because I wasn't 100% sure of it happening, considering at the beginning of the year I was still at Uni. I really don't see this one happening before I reach my 22nd birthday, but I can definitely see it happening next year!
  • Have a Radio Show: I did get fairly close to having my own show on a local volunteer radio station, however the radio manager was taking my show ideas a little too literally, and he would have completely ruined my concept. Therefore I decided against going ahead with the show.
  • Listen to more music: I'm pleased to say that this has been happening, and the addition of Spotify in my life is certainly helping.
  • See more of the UK: I have visited a few more cities this year, and I have fallen in love with one in particular, Bristol. I'm even considering moving there in the future, but we'll see!
  • Write a letter to someone who inspires me: I definitely still think this is a good idea, and I will definitely get this done before my birthday!
  • Maintain my blogs: As you can see, from the fact that I am still posting, I am still maintaining my blog! YAY!
Overall I'm fairly pleased with how my list is going, and I can't wait to see what I achieve when my birthday comes around.

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  1. I wish I'd done something like this, but I think 37 sleeps isn't enough time to get 22 things done! Maybe I'll go for 23 before 23, I probably wouldn't get much done but it could be fun trying x

    Tinkerbell and the Lost Girls

  2. Ohh good luck with your list!!
    I've just wrote 35 Things to do before I'm 35 which I'll be posting later this week on my birthday!