Friday Favourites

Friday 22 November 2013

Welcome to my first Friday Favourites post! From now on I'll be sharing with you guys a few of the things that have made me smile from the last week, I hope you enjoy!

This video of puppies learning to howl is seriously cute...

I wish my coffee looked this cool, don't you?

This colour chart shows how to achieve beautiful butter cream icing colours, using only red, blue and yellow food colouring!

The Tardis landed in my university town this week, and there was even a Dalek! Totally gutted I missed it, but this video is pretty cool!

This week I have been playing another Hidden Object game, I always get really into these.

Personal likes from this week:

  • Watching horror movies with my boyfriend
  • Feeling much better due to my new diet
  • The fact that I am hitting my targets at work
  • Getting excited for Christmas
  • Blogging more frequently 
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  1. Aww those coffees are so cute, what a lovely post

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