Friday Favourites

Friday 29 November 2013

Here is what I have been loving this week:

This fanimation is based on some of my favourite Youtube gamers, and one of their funniest moments... It makes me giggle so much!

This Xbox one ad is seriously funny, and it also fuels my SERIOUS WANT for an Xbox One... I hate being poor...

Steve Kardynal strikes again! If you haven't seen his original Chatroulette - Call me Maybe then you need to watch that first. This guy is an absolute legend! Trolling has never been so legendary!

This GIF makes me lol so hard and I don't even know why...

I found this handy contouring picture online! I'll definitely be giving this a go when I get some time.

This Spanish prank is absolutely halarious, and in no way cruel...

I certainly agree with this quote I found online...

As if Helena would ever get sick of those two!

Of course this week would not be complete without a Doctor Who related funny!

Hope you enjoyed my favourites from this week, let me know in the comments.

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