Super Youtuber Wishlist!

Friday 17 January 2014

Ever since I've started making Youtube videos regularly, my list of things of filming equipment that I need/want has gone through the roof. So I thought I would share this list with you guys!

  1. Opteka Macro Lens: £14.81: A lens that makes it easier to shoot things super close up!
  2. Shoulder support rig: £70: Something that will help me get super smooth steady shots of stuff, and that will make my video creations look super professional!
  3. Camera-mountable Light: £24.30: To help brighten up my videos, when I can't shoot in natural light!
  4. Canon 75-300mm lens: £121.59: So that I can shoot things that are farther away, and give myself a better range of depth.
  5. Opteka Fisheye Lens: £44.95: So I can make videos that look like Liam Drydens... (super cool)
  6. Blue Microphone: £95.84: So that my audio is clearer, and I don't have to rely upon the audio from my canon alone.
  7. PhotoSEL Softbox Lighting Kit: £109.99: Another kit to make my videos look good when I have run out of natural lighting!
  8. Canon EOS 600D: £399: To help make shooting videos easier. I already have the 1100D, but this one has a moveable screen, so I would be able to film myself a lot easier!
Some of these things are higher up the list than others, such as the Microphone, and the lighting kit. However seeing as the total cost of this list ends up at £880.48, it looks like I'm going to be waiting a LONG time to get my hands on all of this equipment!

Let me know in the comments what is on your wishlist this week!
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