Animal Crossing Diary: Week #1

Saturday 22 June 2013

I was seriously excited when my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf arrived on Tuesday. It shipped last Thursday and everyday I'd come home hoping that it was there, I had a while to wait but I haven't been disappointed! I thought it would be cool to write these like a diary entry from the point of view of my character, which is called Alyssia, obviously!

Dear Diary,

This week has certainly been a busy one, I've finally moved to Rosebush!

I was pretty surprised to see that everyone in town was at the station to welcome me, it's not every day that people welcome you in such an awesome way. Then I found out they thought that I was the new mayor! I tried to tell them that they had made a mistake, but they seemed pretty happy so I just went along with it! Isabelle, who is my new secretary, took me to the Town Hall and explained my role to me a bit more, and explained that I need to apply for a permit to be mayor. To get the permit, I needed an address, meaning I needed a house. So I was sent off to Nooks Homes, to see to that.

Firstly I had to pick a spot for my new house, so I chose to place it between the river and the ocean, so that I have plenty of options when I want to go fishing! Then until I could afford a down payment, Tom Nook put a tent in it's spot so that I would have somewhere to sleep.

I didn't have any furniture to start with so to be honest it was looking kind of bare. After I had sorted this I dashed back to the Town Hall to see Isabelle, she told me it was time for the tree planting ceremony, to mark my arrival as the new mayor in Rosebush.

Just like that I was officially Mayor! To complete my permit I need an approval rating of 100 percent from the residents of Rosebush, so for now I am working on that, and I've also been enjoying the town.

Catching up on my fishing....

My new duties as mayor....

Visiting the museum....

AND I finally made the down payment on my house, meaning, it could finally get built!

Here it is, my first home that's all my own! With a Blue roof, my favourite colour!

I even had time to enjoy the Summer Solstice yesterday, Isabelle set up this cute photo boothy thingy, and I had fun taking my picture there!

Finally I've just been meeting the townspeople and making new friends! I'm hoping that next week as going to be just as fun as this one!

Fingers Crossed!
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  1. This game looks super cute! I really want it but I only have a Nintendo DSi... :(

    Lyndsay xx

  2. It is a really cool game! You should save up and get a 3DS XL, I wanted one for ages, and then when i finally got it I was so pleased!