30 Posts of Truth: Something You Have to Forgive Yourself For.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

This is quite a difficult prompt, especially seeing as I feel like I have a lot of annoying personality traits. I could go on, and ON, about everything little thing I think is annoying about myself, however I'll just pick one. So I'm going to go with stuff I say. 

I have to forgive myself for being overly loud, and raising my voice far too often. I often don't realise how loud I am being, at least until I'm told that I'm being too loud. Also I ALWAYS say the wrong thing. I'm not very good with putting how I feel into words, so I often end up putting my foot in it with my friends. 

There were so many other things that I could have chosen, but I'll stick with that one. You my have noticed that my posts have become a little bit sporadic, and the reason for that is, I've started my full time job. I get home, eat dinner, and shower, and by then I am seriously tired. I don't get a lot done in the evenings to be honest. I'm hoping that once I've properly settled in, I'll be able to manage myself better and be a lot less tired, we'll see how that works out. Until then, I hope you enjoy these 30 posts of truth, they will be short and sweet, but at least you get something out of me!

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