My Instaweek #6

Sunday 2 June 2013

You may have noticed that I haven't done an Instagram post for a few weeks. Mainly because I was so busy settling in I didn't have a lot of time to do anything interesting and as such didn't have anything interesting to Instagram. So this week I have ALL the past few weeks photos to share with you, all 24 of them... ENJOY!

  1. BBMPC #11: Family: Me with the brother and sister. This was taken about 3 years ago just before I went to uni.
  2. BBMPC #12: Sunrise: I woke up far too late for the Sunrise so I stole this one from the internet... naughty.
  3. BBMPC #13: low-angle shot: This is my brother's cat Lucy, she was asleep on the sofa, isn't she the cutest?
  4. BBMPC #14: Bedroom: This was the state my bedroom was in when I moved in, it has since been moved around.
  5. BBMPC #15: On My Shelf: This isn't a shelf, but this is what I had beside my bed at the time, of course it was messy as I was still unpacking.
  6. BBMPC #16: Close Up: This one is pretty self explanatory.
  7. BBMPC #17: Something Cute: My nan's new poodle puppy, Pippa. She's super cute, I spend a fair bit of time at my nan's playing with her!
  8. BBMPC #18: My favourite place: Aberystwyth, I had no idea that I would miss it this much to be honest.
  9. BBMPC #20: Favourite film: I don't like to say I have a favourite film, but Corpse Bride is definitely up there!
  10. Ben and Jerry's: I saw that B&J's had a new core sundae, of course I got excited when I found out peanut butter was involved. I love peanut butter, honestly not sure about this ice cream though!
  11. BBMPC #19: High-angle shot: Midnight hardly ever cuddles me, so I was pretty shocked when she came and sat on my lap and fell asleep. 
  12. Painting my nails: This was the first time I painted my nails in a LONG time, mainly because I was busy moving and settling in. Can't believe I been home three weeks!
  13. BBMPC #21: Job: This is a picture of a place where my new job is located, isn't it pretty?
  14. BBMPC #22: What I Ate: Hunters Chicken, which is of course my new favourite dish. Every time I eat it, I'm always in an amazing mood!
  15. Cheeky Wine: My first drink pretty much since I left uni, it was mighty tasty!
  16. Mitsy Cuddles: Midnight came and got on my lap again, she's being very cuddly at the moment.
  17. My Favourite Mug: I got this Frankenweenie mug at the Disney store, and it's my absolute favourite!
  18. De Luxe Muller Corner: Mum bought these new De Luxe yogurts because they were on promotion. I had the after dinner mint one, it is so tasty, and really smooth, I'll deffo be buying again!
  19. Spongebob and Patrick: I walked past Build-a-Bear and noticed that they were selling Spongebob and Patrick. Of course I had to snap a quick pic!
  20. American style: Me and mum went to Ed's Diner in The Oracle. I had a chilli, cheese burger with sweet potato fries. It was super yummy.
  21. Cheeky Monkey: My brother got a new onesie from Primark, it's a monkey... It's funny because his nickname is Monkey...
  22. Iron Man: I found this Iron Man mask in the Disney store, you have no idea how hard it was for me to not buy it....
  23. Pancakes: This picture is also from the Diner. Me and mum shared some pancakes, they were also super yummy! I really love American style food.
  24. Allstarz Party: A pic of me and mummy at the Allstarz Party in Reading yesterday! It was a REALLY loooooong day, it was all worth it though just to see Jessie J! I LOVE HER!
So there you have it, my Instaweeks! You may have noticed that my 31 day photo challenge kind of stopped at 22. The main reason was that I started my new job this week and by the time I got hom I was just too tired to think about anything, let alone remember that I was supposed to be doing a photo challenge!
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