I am alive!

Sunday 21 July 2013

Yes dear readers! No need to worry, I am actually alive, I have just been horrendously busy this past month, and unfortunately my blog has suffered. However I have returned! I can almost feel the judgement coming from those who will read this, I know that when I myself see a blogger post an 'I'm Back' post I get annoyed. Normally I would just go ahead and pretend that I have never been away, however a LOT has happened that I feel we need to discuss! I'm going to do this in as short and sweet a manner as possible, brace yourselves.

1. My Job!

I've lost count of the amount of times that I have written 'my job' or 'full-time job' on this blog so far, but here we go again. This is probably the most major reason that I have been absent in the blogiverse. I underestimated just how tired work would make me. I get up at 6:45am, I'm at work by 8:30am, and I don't get home until gone 6pm. It's a LONG day for me. I get home, I eat, I shower, and I go to bed. I barely have time to watch Eastenders, and lord knows how I love that show! I do however, have options. One options is to deal with it, and another is to get a job with less hours. At the moment I am entertaining both options. I don't know what the next few months hold, but I'm hoping more free time is one of my options!

2. Youtube Plans!

Yes, once again I am making plans to make Youtube videos. Something I have wanted to do for a long time is Gameplay Commentaries, but I lacked the equipment and money to begin making them. After receiving my first paycheck I decided to take the plunge, and I've invested in everything I need to record! In fact as I write this I have just finished recording my first test video! It turned out pretty good. I'm having issues syncing up the commentary with the footage, but with practice I'll get better! I'm hoping to have my first videos up in the next few weeks. I'm going to be playing Dead Space 2 and Dead Island first off. So lots of death, and scary things.

3. Meeting the little man!

I finally got to go up to Wakefield and meet my cousin Jade's little baby boy! It was his first birthday in May and I was totally gutted that I couldn't go up and see him then. The last weekend in June I made the journey up to Wakefield on Friday night after work. Getting there was a massive kerfuffle. I missed my connection at Birmingham New Street due to A) my train from Reading getting in late and B) The train driver giving me the wrong platform. I ran round to platform 11, which was the one I was told by the train driver, only to discover it left from platform 9... I literally missed it by seconds. Cue an hour wait for a train to Derby, then a two hour wait at Derby for a train to Sheffield, AND a taxi from Sheffield to Wakefield (which thankfully cross country paid for). Needless to say after all that messing around I was knackered. It was all worth it to see little mush face in the end. A photo of him can be seen in the slideshow below! After all that, needless to say I will not be doing another weekend trip anytime soon.

4. Graduation Week!

Literally the week after my nightmare train journey, I had graduation week! A full week of getting wasted in a caravan with my best friends/adopted family. All leading up to the main event, my graduation. I wasn't going to add any photos, but I knew you'd want to see some, so here are a select few from that week!

It was honestly totally awesome! I had a lovely week with my friends, and truth be told it made me sad that I don't get to see them as often as I did back at uni.

So there you are! My four main reasons for being to busy to post on this blog! To make it up to you (kind of) I've made a slideshow of most of my Instagram photos from my time off! So enjoy that, and you'll hopefully be hearing from me very soon!

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