23 Before 23...

Tuesday 4 February 2014

On Sunday I turned 22... YIKES! So I thought that it was about time that I took a look at my 22 Before 22 list, and saw what I achieved. Looking through that list now, I realise that I didn't really achieve a lot. Out of my 22 goals, I started 13 of them, and actually completed 5... That's such an abysmal attempt, I am actually ashamed of that! So this year, although I am writing 23 goals, I aim to complete at least 10 of them! So without further ado, let's see what I want to achieve this year!

  1.  Move Out: This was one of my goals from last year, which I knew I probably wouldn't achieve, however thankfully it is looking more likely this year!
  2. Lose Weight: Another goal making a reappearance! This time I am armed with a boyfriend who is very supportive and will help me keep on track. So we'll see...
  3. Watch a new film every week!: This is one that is sparked by the fact that I always watch the same films over, and over. Which is fine! However I'll never see all the films on my 'to watch' list if I carry on like that!
  4. Keep up with my Youtube Channel: Especially seeing as I've just got it properly underway, I want to make sure that I maintain it throughout the next year.
  5. Get a Full Time Job: I love my current job, the only problem I have with it, is that I need a full time job to be able to afford to move out. So this is one of my biggest goals for the next few months!
  6. Complete all the Xbox games I own!: I am terrible at buying a tonne of video games, and then never playing them. I have been much better recently, and have completed several since December, so I want to continue on that track.
  7. Write weekly thankful lists over on my Tumblr: I am very guilty on focusing on the negative things that are going on in my life, so I'm hoping that by doing this, I will focus more on the positive.
  8. Travel Abroad!: Although this was one of my goals last year, I didn't manage it. This year though, myself and the boyfriend have made a pact to save and go away on holiday!
  9. Find out what I want to do with my life, and stick to it!: This is more of an ambiguous one to be honest, but there are several jobs that I would love to have a lifelong career in, I just need to pick one, and then work towards it!
  10. Take up a sport: This is another goal I made last year, but I never got around to completing it... Ever since I went ice-skating in Bristol back in November, I've really wanted to start taking lessons, but I also miss doing Ballroom dance. So I want to take these up, and pick which I like best.
  11. Practice my craft/s: I'm so bad at picking up hobbies, and then never really going anywhere with them, so this year is all about practicing those hobbies. Which include Baking, make-up, nail art, editing etc.
  12. Write a daily/weekly Diary: This is another goal that will help to keep me focused on the more positive aspects of my life.
  13. Start working to control my IBS: I suffer with terrible IBS, and it effects me every single day, so this year, along with losing weight, I actually want to start trying to control my IBS.
  14. Reach 200 Subscribers on Youtube: I'm currently sitting at 63, and as much as I would love to have 1000 by the end of the year, I think 200 is a little more realistic!
  15. Go on an adventure every month: This could be anything from Archery to Zorbing. It's all about me doing something active/exciting/different.
  16. Read at least 1 book a month, and talk about it on my blog: I'm guilty of buying masses of books and then leaving them on the side where they will never be glanced at again. So I definitely need to read more, but as well as that, I want to talk about the books I have read. 
  17. Start saving money: This is more a goal to be completed when I get a full time job, but I am so bad at saving money, and I need to get better. Especially seeing as myself and the boyfriend have SO many plans to execute.
  18. Support fellow Youtubers: I want to start watching the videos of people with less than 1000 subs, just like myself, and support them!
  19. Do something for charity: I'm always talking about how I want to do the race for life, or a skydive for the Make a Wish foundation, but I never really get around to planning any of it.
  20. Write posts when I have the idea, instead of leaving it weeks and weeks: I have boxes of stuff in my room, that's waiting to be photographed before I use it, so I can talk about it on this blog. So I need to stop that...
  21. Exercise EVERY day!: I hate exercising, I sweat excessively, and I always ache all over, but I know it's something that I need to improve on! So I aim to exercise every day, even if that's just a walk around my village.
  22. Blog redesign: This year I want my blog design redone, I'm looking into hiring someone to do that right now...
  23. Work on being happy: No matter how many good things come my way, I'm always WAY more focused on the bad, and this year is the year when all that changes! It's all about the good, and I want to share it with all of you!
So there we have it, my 23 Goals to achieve before I turn 23 next year! Hopefully this list will fare better then last years...

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  1. Definitely a good list of 23 before 23! I'm tempted to write my own 23 before 23 post so I stick to some of the things I want to do! I really feel for you on the IBS front, I suffer really badly too and in the last couple of years it has been so much worse that I'm now being referred to hospital! So nice to find other people who understand what you're going through! If you ever want to talk to anyone in the same situation I'm all ears as it's nice to know someone knows what you're talking about and how you feel. X