Welcoming New Cuties to our Family!

Saturday 26 April 2014

Hello everyone! I have returned (hopefully for good). To be honest I have been struggling pretty hard with what to write on this blog for weeks now. Every time I sit down to write, I just freeze up and can't think of anything. Then today I totally realised that I haven't introduced you to the newest editions to my little family!

Ever since we moved into the flat I have wanted a pet. I am used to being around cats and dogs, and being able to cuddle them whenever I want. Obviously seeing as we are currently renting, and don't even have a garden, we cannot have a dog or a cat. So when we originally moved in I asked our landlord if it would be OK for us to get something like a hamster, and he said that was fine.

When I was a little younger, me and my sister had gerbils, a black one, and a sandy coloured one. I only remember that the sandy coloured one's name was 'Sandy', I know right? Totally original...

Anyway we used to hold them, and play with them, and I' pretty sure I taught my one to walk across my arms and get onto my head. They are super intelligent, and cute little creatures, so I knew I wanted them again.

A little around a month ago, we went into Pets at Home, just to have a look. and I fell in love with this beautiful black Gerbil with a white stripe down his body. He was super energetic, and running around the cage. I KNEW I wanted him. I begged Tim to let me get him, but he put his foot down and said no, he still wasn't sure about getting a Gerbil. Anyway, I spent the whole day begging, and pleading, and pouting, and batting my eyelashes at him, and even crying... YES CRYING! Over this furry little guy. Eventually Tim caved and said we could go back and get him, so we dashed straight back to the pet shop, and when we got there he was gone... I was so totally heartbroken, I think I cried for an hour when we got back... I know, it's only a gerbil... but I get very emotionally attached to animals, OK?

After that I kind of didn't want to go through that experience again, so for a few weeks I didn't even go into Pets at Home. Then when we were visiting a nearby store, I decided it was time to take another look. To my complete surprise and joy, there was the perfect Gerbil, almost exactly like the one I had missed out on, maybe not as energetic, but still super cute. I turned to Tim and told him we were getting them, so we quickly started grabbing a cage, food, woodshavings, and then I grabbed an advisor to grab the gerbil for me.

I always knew I wanted a pair of Gerbils, because I hate the thought of only have one, and it being lonely. So I picked another gerbil to come home with us, and they got boxed up and ready to go! So without further hesitation, I introduce to you, my furbabies!

For the first day we got them, we really struggled to name them. We were told by the ladies in the shop that they are both boys, so we trawled the internet looking for famous double acts that we could name them after. However after not finding anything suitable I started to look up Disney double acts and toy with a few of those names. Some included, Mike and Sully, Timone and Pumba, Buzz and Woody, but after really thinking about it, there was only one film in my recent life that wanted to name this little boys after... That film was Frozen. There was no way I could call either of them Hans, as even saying his name makes me spit venom, but I was originally toying with Sven and Kristoff, seeing as at least they are a double act! Tim wasn't so keen on Kristoff though, and suggested that one of them be named Olaf, seeing as that is his favourite character. As soon as he said it I realised how perfect is was... So they have now been named Sven and Olaf. 

The black and white cutie, is Sven. He is the more adventurous of the two, always running around, digging holes and flicking sawdust out of their cage. He is always the first to discover new things that I put in their environment. He has jumped onto my hand a few times, but I have yet to fully hold him.

That leaves our sandy coloured baby being Olaf. He is a lot more quiet, and will happily sleep in their tube/house all day and will only come out for food, or if their cage is open. He loves his Sunflower seeds, and takes them straight from my hand. He has also sat on my hand a few times, I have picked him up once. He keeps biting me gently, so I looked it up, and apparently he's checking to see if I am edible, and in time will realise that I am not food, and therefore will stop nibbling me. The website also suggested that I wash my hands before touching him, so that I don't have any tempting smells on them!

All in all, they are very amusing little things, and sometimes myself and Tim just like to sit by the cage and watch them scurry around. I can't wait until they let me hold them properly so that I can give them proper cuddles, but until them I am just happy to have them in my life!

Let me know in the comments if you have any pets, especially if they are Gerbils! I'm also thinking about doing a Gerbils 101 post, so let me know if you would like to see that!

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