What I Bought: Hotel Chocolat

Monday 28 April 2014

Ever since I first stepped foot in Hotel Chocolat I knew I would fall in love with it. Although despite having a deep love of their chocolate, I haven't managed to get my hands on a lot of it.

I bought Tim three lots of chocolate from there for Easter, and I ended up just wishing that I had kept them for myself! He hasn't opened any of them yet, but when he does, I will be trying some of them, whether he likes it or not.

Today we were just having a mooch around town, and decided to pop into there, mainly because they tend to give you free samples when you walk in. As soon as we walked in the door I gravitated towards their Easter stock, and I was delighted to see that they had up to 70% off some of the stock!

Tim and I simply couldn't resist picking up a few bits, and all we spend was £10.50!!! Quick Disclaimer: Despite the obvious amount of product placement, this is not a sponsored post, I just really like chocolate, and bargains!

The first thing I noticed was these gorgeous colourful Goose eggs. This is how the website describes them: '4 outstandingly delicious hollow eggs in three luscious flavours. The brown is our stunning caramel milk chocolate, the pink is a creamy strawberry white chocolate, and the yellow and purple are a simple high-cocoa white chocolate without a fruity taste– dressed up in our all-natural pastel colours for the spring season!'

Originally priced up at £13, I picked up these little babies for £3.90! I almost died of shock, when I say how much they had been knocked down.

The second thing I noticed was this totally cute nest of egglets. I actually saw this when I went to buy Tim's Easter chocolate, and I almost bought one for myself then. Here's the websites description: 'A springtime find of freshly laid pastel egglets in white chocolate - a yellow egglet of runny caramel, a pink one of raspberry ganache, and a blue egglet filled with sumptuous praline, all hidden in a 50% milk chocolate nest with crispy rice pieces.'

Originally price up at £13, this one was also knocked down to £3.90! Such a bargain, especially seeing as the nest is SOLID chocolate. This one Tim and I intend to share... even though I can see myself eating it all by myself!

The final thing we picked up was these cute Eggs and soldiers. How could we resist something so fun and different! Tim actually chose these for himself, but I have been assured that I can try one of the White Chocolate soldiers. This is what the website says about this one: '4 Milk chocolate dippy eggs filled with white chocolate truffle, accompanied by a troop of 4 praline-filled white chocolate soldiers, already dipped with a dollop of creamy chocolate yolk.'

This one was originally £7.50 and it was reduced to £2.25! Such a bargain, and I cannot wait to steal some of this from Tim.

So if all this looks very tempting to you, then get your butt over to the Hotel Chocolat website and check it out! I am literally tying myself down right now so that I can't go buy more... OH SO TEMPTING! 

Here are a few of my other picks from this sale.

This is the Bunny in a muddle. Originally priced at £13, reduced to £3.90, this would be the perfect post Easter, Easter gift for anyone that you may or may not have forgotten to get an Easter gift for.

How could anyone resist these cute chocolate chics and bunnies? This one is call the Chirp Egg, originally priced at £7.00, this was reduced to a whopping £2.10! I'd snap this up before they all disappear.
This one is an interesting one, The Egg Sandwich it's a cross between an Easter egg, and their normal chocolate bars that they fill with all manner of tempting goodies. Originally priced at £8.50, you can pick this baby up for half price, £4.25!

I suggest that you all go snap these delectable delights before they are long gone! Especially if you have never tried Hotel Chocolat and you desperately want to!

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  1. Thank god I no longer have a Hotel Chocolat near my work, I would definitely be in there buying everything!