Weekly Weigh In: Week #7

Saturday 19 July 2014

Is it that time again already? It feels like only yesterday that I sat down to write my first Weekly Weigh in post...

This week I was pretty strict with myself on my fast days, but then found myself indulging a little on my feast days. Monday I managed to convince Tim to get me chips from the chip shop to go with our homemade pizza. On Friday there was cake at work as someone was leaving, and my colleague had Butterkist popcorn, and I treated myself to Onion Ring crisps... Basically it was quite indulgent... Then today I went out for lunch with my friends and was super naughty, eating almost all my daily calories in one meal! Ridiculous...

I did try and exercise this week, but that failed miserably. I got the free version of the 0-5k app, and we went on the first run, and it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, in fact I was quite proud of my first run. However as soon as I got home, I had another exercise triggered Migrane, and actually ended up going to bed at 9pm as it totally zapped me. It really sucks, because I'm trying so hard to fit exercise in, and as soon as I do I feel sick... I'm thinking of taking up Yoga, and hoping that it may solve the problem, but it means that I can't keep up my 0-5k app like I wanted to! So if anyone has any Yoga tips, then please leave them in the comments!

I also realised on my last post that I totally forgot to include the changes in my measurements for you guys to check out. I don't do my measurements every week, so they might not be on every post, but when I measure, I'll make sure I put them up!

I thought I'd start by showing you how many inches I have lost since starting this diet 7 weeks ago, it's quite surprising!

Starting Measurements:
Waist: 34"
Hips: 46"
Thighs: 28"
Tummy: 43"
Bicep: 15"
Bust: 41"
Bum: 47"

Current Measurements:
Waist: 32" (-2)
Hips: 44" (-2)
Thighs: 27" (-1)
Tummy: 40.5" (-2.5)
Bicep: 14" (-1)
Bust: 39" (-2)
Bum: 46" (-1)

As you can see I have lost a whopping 11.5 inches since starting this diet! To be honest I still find it hard to see a difference in myself, but my mum and boyfriend both insist that they can see the difference. The only thing I've really noticed is that I now have to wear my belt on the final hole instead of the third one in, which is pretty cool! 

Now for the weigh in results:

Start Weight: 198.8 Ibs
Target Weight: 145 Ibs
Weight this week: 188.2 Ibs
Weight loss this week: -1.2 Ibs
Total Weight loss: 10.6 Ibs
Weight still to lose: 43.2 Ibs

To be honest I was fairly disappointed that I only managed just over 1 Ib this week, but I'm not going to let it get to me, because I know that I am now almost 1/5 of the way towards my target, which for 7 weeks work is pretty amazing. Even more so considering the amount I have set myself to lose!

Last week's goals:
  1. Drink only water Mon-Fri, and allow myself 1 non water drink on Saturday and Sunday. (50/100) I have been drinking only water on weekdays, well up until Friday when I had a cider!
  2. Stop snacking on sweeties and switch them out for fruit. (0/100) I haven't done this at all... 
  3. Log every single thing I eat on the My Fitness Pal app (50/100) I'm very good at logging my breakfast, lunch and snacks, but by the time it gets to my evening meal I seem to completely forget about logging... Must try harder!
This week's goals:
  1. Drink only water Mon-Fri, and only allow myself 1 non water drink on Saturday and Sunday
  2. Snack on fruit and nuts instead of sweets!
  3. Log every single morsel that passes my lips on the My Fitness Pall app
Seeing as I did so badly on these goals this week, I thought I should keep them for the next week also, and hopefully this time I will do MUCH better.

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