Wishlist Wednesday: Nerdy T-shirt Edition!

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Hello everyone! I hope you have all been well, I am still trying to figure out my blogging/Youtube schedule and how it's going to fit in with my life so bare with me and I will get there eventually...

Recently I have seen some pretty awesome t-shirts that I am wanting SO badly, but with saving up for my (several) adventures in August, I currently really just don't have the money to spend on buying them. I will though, eventually...

1: My Little Dalek T-shirt: We all know how much I love my little pony, and Doctor who, and this crossover couldn't be more perfect. I actually squealed when I saw this t-shirt design for the first time!
2: Fox Assassin Shirt: Foxes are cute, assassin's are awesome, therefore a fox assassins is super awesome cute and deadly... Seriously don't mess with him!
3: The Burton that waited: This shirt is another amazing crossover, this happened to pop up on my Facebook feed ages ago, and trust me when I say I HAVE to have this shirt...
4: Let it Gogh: I am obsessed with Frozen, and this shirt just screams nerd to me... I must have it.
5: Nook Neighbours Club: I'm not ashamed to admit that I play Animal Crossing, I got obsessed with it on the DS, and now I own New Leaf on the 3DS. I don't play it as often as I would like, but it still holds a place in my gaming heart, this shirt is the perfect way to showcase that!
6: Doctor Pony: This shirt is all kinds of perfect sadness, and it's beautifully designed...
7: Tim Burton Pop Culture: My favourite director's masterpieces on an artsy shirt? YES PLEASE!
8: Dalek Assassin: We've already established that I love Doctor Who, and Assassin's creed is probably my favourite game series of all time, so this shirt therefore is a must!
9: Frozen Ponies: Elsa and Anna as ponies, and Olaf as a baby dragon! I literally cannot handle the feels...
10: Don't Blink Tim: Is it just me, or do the angels look even creepier in a Tim Burton Style *shudders*
11: Shaun vs Zombies: I've been playing a lot of Plant's vs. Zombies Garden Warfare recently, and when I stumbled across this shirt I thought it was too perfect to not include in this list!
12: Fluttershy: My favourite My Little Pony character looking super sweet... How could I resist?

So there we have it! My must have nerdy shirt list... Although considering it's going to cost me about £150 for all of these, I may have to collect them over a period of time. God knows how I'll pick which one to buy first.

Let me know in the comments which your favourite design is, and which I should buy first.
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