Graze Box #1

Friday 11 July 2014

Everyone and their dog knows about Graze, they do super yummy and natural treats, they they post to you in a little box that fits through your letter box! I actually got my first graze box when I was in my first year of uni, it arrived and I nibbled, but I didn't really appreciate it. Now that I'm out of uni, I've grown up a little more, and my tastes have changed, I thought I would give it another go!

I'm signed up for a fortnightly box, and I think they cost £3.99 a time, but don't quote me on that! I was lucky enough that I had a code to get my first box for FREE, and who can resist something that's free? I also get my 5th and 10th box for free, so they continue to reward you the longer you stay!

This is what my box looked like when I first opened it! You get four snacks, so it works out at about £1 per snack, and they are all individually packaged in little plastic containers, so that you can pull them out and just pop them into your bag for a handy snack! They even send you a little booklet with all the nutritional information, so you can see exactly what you are eating.

Here's what I received in my first Graze Box from top left to bottom right:

  • Cherry Fudge Sundae: a mix of chocolate fudge, blanched almonds, cherry infused raisins and cherries. This little box contained 181 calories! It was super yummy, the cherries were slightly sour and made a nice contrast to the sweet fudge.
  • Smokey Hot Dog: a mix of sweet mustard breadsticks, smoked cashews and cheese croutons. I am not a great fan of mustard, but these were tasty when mixed together, and with only 124 calories in this little box, I don't have to feel guilty about eating the lot!
  • Summer Berry Flapjack: a rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries. This was probably my favourite thing in this box, it wasn't too dry, and there was the perfect amount of berries to break up the oatey flapjacky-ness. This one had the highest calories at 230, but still pretty good!
  • Rhubarb and Pear Compote: a mix of rhubarb, pear and cranberries. This was probably my least favourite, I think it was because I'm not a fan of rhubarb, but the cranberries and pear were still yummy! This little box cam in at 111 Calories!
Overall I was very pleased with my first Graze box, my boyfriend even had a little look at what I had got. He's not a fan of any kind of dried fruit (a.k.a fussy) so I doubt he'll be eating much of the stuff that comes in them, meaning that they are all mine!! MUAHAHAHAAHHAHA *cough*

You may be thinking to yourself, 'what if I don't like a particular ingredient?', well worry not, as Graze have made it as easy as possible to make sure that you get what you want! You simply go onto the website and you can rate their snacks, you can even remove whole categories based on your dietery requirements. The good thing about this is that if you get a snack that you didn't particularly enjoy, then you can simply 'bin it' and you won't receive it again. This also works in the opposite way. So if you find a snack that you really enjoyed, then you can like it, and then will send it to you every so often! Yoou can browse ALL of their snacks, and if you come across something you are dying to try, hit the 'send soon' button, and it will be in your next box as long as it is available. The service is so easy to use, and encourages you to share what you like, or dislike.

If you want to get your first, fifth and tenth Graze box for free, then sign up with the code: ALYSSI9NP, and enjoy!

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  1. I love Graze boxes!