#100HappyDays 8-17

Monday 17 March 2014

I know, I know, I haven't blogged in a good week or so... BUT I have had good reason! Firstly, last Monday, I started my new job, and secondly, myself and Tim have moved in together!! It's all very exciting. We got the keys last Monday, but have only just officially moved in, due to not having any furniture! I will be doing a tour of the place once everything is unpacked and we are settled, but for now I thought it was about time that I caught up with my #100HappyDays photos! We've got a lot to get through, so let's get going!

Day 8: We bought this lovely blue orchid for the flat, it looks so pretty in our windowsill, plus blue is my favourite colour!

Day 9: I went to Cotswalds Wildlife Park and they only have a low wall around the penguin enclosure, so I got pretty close to this guy! He even let us stroke him!

Day 10: Tim treated me to lunch at Café Rouge! I just had a chicken baguette, although he also let me have a pudding, so I had their tarte tatin! Which is freaking awesome!

Day 11: The first day we had keys to the flat, so I thought I would sneak up a cheeky photo of it! This is actually part of the living room...

Day 12: We had our first takeaway in the flat, although there was flatpack furniture everywhere...

Day 13: I've started taking softmints to work, and they are seriously scrummy!

Day 14: We finished putting our bed up! This was actually the first night we slept in the flat, it was awesome! P.s it's a kingsize!

Day 15: My first home made lunch, in my brand new lunchbox, I was extremely proud!

Day 16: I went to see Fall Out Boy with my sister, and we got to the second row!!! It was THE most awesome concert I have ever been too. I sang along to every single song, and now with it only being the day after, my voice is all over the place.. totally worth it though.

Day 17: I was very lucky that Tim and I received this Air Fryer as a moving in present! We'd been eyeing one up since way before we even chose the flat, but now we have one! We are both seriously excited to use it!!

There we have it, a massive roundup of my #100HappyDays photos! If you want to see them as I post them, then follow me on Instagram, and let me know what you guys have been getting up to! I'm hoping to get back to my normal blogging now we've actually moved in, and especially want to get my Youtube back on track, so watch this space!
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