Lush Oxford Street Shopping Trip

Thursday 14 May 2015

I went up to London last week from training for my new job, and whilst I was there I simply could not resist going to Oxford street to visit the new LUSH store. After seeing numerous Youtube videos from my favourites about the new and exclusive products, I knew I had to visit!

Spread across three floors, there were so many goodies to see, all split into different sections to make it nice and easy for you to find everything you needed.

As well as the usual LUSH products that you know and love there are roughly 240 new exclusive products being sold only in the Lush Oxford Street Store! One of which is Comforter Shower Gel, which unfortunately they were sold out of so I could not get my hands on it...

Everything is set out so beautifully and you can see everything clearly. As expected everything smells amazing, and the new products fit in with the older product perfectly! I managed to pick up a few of the new pieces including the Lava Lamp Bath Bomb pictured above, which smells like oranges!

The stand that I was most excited and intrigued by was the makeup stand. There were a tonne of products that I have never seen before, and that I desperately wanted to buy! Starting with the lipstick blocks pictured on the left, they have several different colours in one block, and you simply wet a lipstick brush and use it on the colour you want. You can even mix colours from the block to make an entirely new shade.

Then there were the eye shadow pigments, which I think are available in all Lush stores, but I may be wrong. They come in several colours however there are four which are made from completely natural pigments, and these ones are beautiful... when dry they show as one colour, and then if you wet them they change colour right before your eyes, they are honestly gorgeous.

Finally and the product I am most excited about are the eye jewels! They are basically little wedges which you use kind of like eye crayons. They are made up of cocoa butter and pigment meaning they are actually really hydrating for your eyes too. I almost picked up all of these, but I managed to limit myself to just four of them which at £10 each made for a fairly expensive visit... I don't want to give away too much about these just yet though as I am planning to do a Youtube video on them very soon, so watch this space...

Honestly if you are heading up to London any time soon and you like Lush then you HAVE to visit Oxford Street... this store is seriously incredible. Although I would warn you to set yourself a budget, otherwise you will spend way more than you want to!

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