Lush Christmas 2015

Monday 9 November 2015

I always feel very lucky when I am invited to blogger events, especially as I feel as though my is still very small, and going to these events always make you feel very special. When I got the email from Lush to invite me to their Christmas 2015 event I knew I would have to attend.

So yesterday at 5:30pm the shutters opened and myself and some other local bloggers were let into the store after hours. There were plenty of staff around to help us and to show us the Christmas products and answer our questions about any of them, and also demonstrate any that we particularly wanted to see!

It was honestly so difficult for me to control myself and not buy one of everything, but I managed to keep within the budget I set myself, which I was very proud of. Here are some of my favourites from the Christmas collection this year:

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Wand.

This is the first bubble wand I have ever purchased from Lush, as I have always felt like the sticks they come on are a little bit flimsy. However the magic of Christmas has been formed around a cinnamon stick, which supports the bubble bar very well. This bar is full of cinnamon and cloves meaning to me it smells exactly like Christmas.

Star Dust Bath Bomb

The star shaped bath product of last year was covered in silver glitter, and had a more citrus' smell to it. This year's star shaped bath product is much more like a bath bomb and is vanilla and rosewood scented. I have also been informed by Lush staff that this turns your bath water a lovely blue colour, and what with that being my favourite colour I couldn't pass it up!

Bar Humbug Bubble Bar

This dark purple treat smells like liquorice, but at the same time is very sweet. Purple is another of my favourite colours, and I can imagine nothing more relaxing than laying in a deep purple bath of sweet smelling liquorice!

Yog Nog Bath Bomb

My absolute favourite product from Lush Christmas 2014 was the Yog Nog soap, then this year I have been lucky enough that Lush have decided to make a bath bomb of the same scent. With Soya milk and Shea butter in the centre, this not only smells delicious, almost like toffee, but it leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

So there are my top picks from the 2015 Christmas selection, don't forget to keep an eye out for my haul of everything I purchased coming up next week! Also let me know in the comments what your favourite is from the collection this year...
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