Wishlist Wednesday: Youtuber Merch

Wednesday 6 January 2016

So I didn't really ask for anything but money for Christmas because I really couldn't figure out anything that I wanted, and then when it came to writing this wishlist post I realised something. There is so much Youtuber merch that I want to buy that I really should have asked for some for Christmas... Thankfully my birthday is only a month away so I won't have long to wait to get some of these!

Having now looked over everything I have selected I realised that I picked all 'Let's Play' Youtubers. I will admit they are my most watched channels at the moment, and 'Let's Play' Youtubers are definitely my favourite Youtubers at the moment. Stacyplays and iBallisticsquid are quite recent editions to my watch list, as I have recently become a little bit obsessed with Minecraft! I am hoping soon to get my own PC so I can even try and do some of my own Minecraft Let's Plays, but we'll have to see...

Who are your favourite Youtubers at the moment?
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