3 Year Blogiversary and Giveaway

Friday 29 January 2016

Time really does fly, if you'd have told me when I was at university that I would start a blog that I would continue to write for three years, I'd have laughed you out of the room. I had written blog before, in fact I started my first blog when I was around thirteen and it was honestly a load of self-absorbed rubbish. It wasn't until I was at university that I really started blogging properly, I've probably told this story a million times so I won't get properly into it. 

These past three years have been some of the best and also hardest of my life, and I have loved every second of sharing it with all of you. Don't worry, this isn't the end, I intend to carry on blogging until I am old and grey, or until I run out of things to say, and I don't see that happening any time soon. 

So in honour of three years on Alyssiarose, I thought I would share some of my top three's from the past three years.

Top Three Songs:
  • Fallout Boy - The Pheonix
  • Macklemore - Thrift Shop
  • Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

Top Three Films:
  • Inside Out - Hands down one of the best animated movies I have seen in a long time.
  • Jurassic World - Amazing. Just amazing, and so respectful of the original movies, plus Chris Pratt is just a legend.
  • 21 Jump Street - Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill together is just hilarious. Even better is that Johnny Depp is in this movie!

Top Three Makeup Brands:
  • Makeup Revolution - Best value for money
  • Bourjous - Favourite Lipsticks
  • Urban Decay - Most amazing eyeshadow palette's

Top Three Restaurants:
  • Las Iguana's (Latin American) - Their Tapas are amazing, and Tim and I always end up there when we are nearby.
  • Coals Bar and Grill in Basingstoke - They do great cocktails and also amazing food that's spicy, but not so spicy I can't eat it, because I am a wimp.
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen - My absolute favourite burger restaurant, in existence, ever.

Top Three Places I Have Visited:
  • Bristol - I first visited Bristol when doing training for a job I had just out of university, and I fell in love with it. Since then I have visited numerous times. I've even thought of moving to Bristol that's how much I love it.
  • Brighton - This is somewhere I never thought about going, up until I learned that some of my favourite Youtubers live there. After watching some of their vlogs I thought it looked like a really cool place, so Tim and I went there last summer. It is an amazing place, again yet another place that I have thought about moving to.
  • Cardiff - I only ever go to Cardiff when I am going to a concert, so I never spend a great deal of time there, but I love the shopping centre right near the arena, it's massive, and has so many different shops that I feel like I could spend a lifetime there. I'm actually going to Cardiff this weekend for my birthday with Tim, so I'll get a chance to see a lot more of it.

Now onto the Giveaway! Seeing as this is my third year doing this, I thought I would pick Three winners instead of just one. So three lucky readers are going to win a NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick of their choice. To enter just follow the instructions on the widget below.

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