Kiko Dazzling Highlighter

Monday 11 January 2016

A few months back I went to an event at The Oracle in Reading and one of the stores we got to visit for the event was Kiko. If you want to read more of what we got up to then please read that post here. At the time of the event I didn't have a lot of money, but there were so many products that I wanted to buy, and I knew I couldn't leave empty handed to I chose one product to take away with me.

That product was the Dazzling Highlighter in Bright Rose from the Cosmic Starlets collection, which I believe was their 2015 Christmas collection. At the time I purchased the highlighter it cost me £6.90, which I personally don't think is that much for such a pretty product. Although these highlighters were put into the January sale, on the website they are not currently available but you still may be able to get your paws on one of these if you pop into your local Kiko store, no guarantee's though as they seem to have been really popular.

I must report that my highlighter is actually broken... I kept it to where on Christmas day, and I opened it on Christmas morning and the product literally fell out of the stick, which I was not best pleased about. I did try and take this back to exchange when I went to Kiko in January, but they had already sold out by that time. So instead of getting a refund I decided I liked the product enough to forgive them and keep it, it was only £6.90. The above swatch really doesn't do the colour justice, it's a lovely pale pink colour, and is so shimmery. The formula itself is really creamy and you don't have to press to hard to make the product glide onto your face. It also blends really nicely, which I would love to have gotten a picture of, but I was worried my camera wouldn't pick it up, seeing as it had problems with the swatch!

I really wish I had written about this product at the time I bought it, to give you all a chance to go and buy it, because it really is beautiful, and is definitely my favourite highlighter that I own.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite highlighter is, I'd love some more recommendations to try!
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