My Instaweek #8

Sunday 25 August 2013

It's that time again everyone, time to have a nosey at what I have been getting up to!

  1. My new favourite snack, greek yogurt and granola. It's yummy and healthier than chocolate.
  2. New boots! I picked up these babies for £5 in the Matalan sale, what a bargain.
  3. I found this on a coke bottle, can't say I know many people going by this name...
  4. The autograph of the legendary Tomska, the man behind the immortal ASDF movies!
  5. I ran into the the legendary vlogger Whataboutadam at Summer in the City and grabbed a cheeky photo!
  6. Me and the FABULOUS Tyler Oakley. He is a queen, and one of my all time favourite Youtubers.
  7. My ticket into Summer in the City.
  8. Owl socks, the first time I had worn that particular pair.
  9. Sharing a coke with my best mate.
  10. I finally got my hands on some Sopio cards.
  11. Also bought a second deck and a booster pack (whoops)
  12. A t-shirt from my favourite brand (H by Henry Holland) that I finally got around to wearing.
  13. How my hand looked after helping the dog groomer clip my dog's claws...
  14. Pre-lazerquest slush puppy. It had to be done...
So there you have it, there is a little insight into what I have been getting up to in the last few weeks! Enjoy.
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