UPDATE: 22 Before 22 List!

Tuesday 13 August 2013

So seeing as it's about 6 months until I hit 22, I thought it was about time to review my '22 Before 22' list! So here is my list:
  1. Go on holiday without my family (Outside of the UK): This is something that I don't really see realistically happening this year. However, this weekend I am going to London for Summer in the City, which I have ALWAYS wanted to go to. Also I might be going to Abertoir again this year with my friends, so I'm still doing pretty well, EVEN if I'm not going to get out of the UK this year!
  2. Make an item of clothing: This is something that I have changed my mind about for now. Its still something that I definitely want to get into, but realistically speaking, I just don't have the time at the moment.
  3. Write a script: This is one I started. For one of my final year university modules I had to write Act one of a script. So I have part of one down, I'm not sure if I'll finish this one. We'll see.
  4. Do the Race For Life: I didn't do the race for life, I forgot about it to be honest, and by the time I remembered, it was too late for me to really raise any kind of money for it. This is still something I want to do next year!
  5. Make a Scrapbook: I did start this, I even wrote a post about it here. Since I've been home I haven't contributed to my scrapbook. Mainly because I know as soon as I go through my Uni photos I will cry!
  6. Get a tattoo: I have changed my mind about this one for now. Maybe in the future I'll get a tattoo, but for now I'm pretty happy without!
  7. Watch every film on my 'To Watch' list: I have started this one, but I have a LONG way to go, I need to get a shake on to be honest, you can check out my progress here.
  8. Learn a new craft: This is one I still want to do, but I'm not sure what exactly this 'craft' is going to be...
  9. Lose weight: Since being home I have lost 6Ibs, I plan to lose more! (we can hope)
  10. Start making Youtube Videos: This is one that I am proud to say that I have started!!!! I am thoroughly enjoying it, and it is every bit as fun as I thought it would be! You can find out about my Youtube channel here.
  11. Take more photos: This is something I have been trying to do, I'm not completely there yet, but I'm happy with my progress!
  12. Walk my Dog more: Since being home I have been walking my dog more, but still not as much as I would like to be! So I'm going to be fixing that!
  13. Work my way through my favourite baking book and see how far I can get: This is something that has not happened. To be honest I haven't unpacked my baking stuff since I moved home. There simply isn't anywhere for me to put it! So I've decided to take this one of the list, and then hopefully I'll be able to complete some of the other things on my list instead!
  14. Read 5 Classic Novels: I have read one on my list of five so far! I still want to complete this, I haven't been reading classics, but I have still been reading a lot. Just more modern things. I hope to read at least three of my five before I hit 22.
  15. Stay in Touch with my friends: This one is going ok! I speak to my two best friends a lot, I need to contact the others more to be honest. So something to work on here.
  16. Play a sport: This is one I haven't yet started, however I'm hoping that I'll find something I can do. We'll see!
  17. Move out of my mum's house?: I honestly don't know whether this is going to happen. There have been talks about some options... but nothing is set in stone yet. 
  18. Have a radio show: This one actually became a bit of a possibility for me, but I don't know where this is going to go, so that's all I will say!
  19. Listen to more music: This has actually been happening! I listen to the radio more, and my sister plays a lot of music, so I am actually managing to keep up with the charts! 
  20. See more of the UK: Well I have been to Wakefield, and I saw another part of Wales! As I mentioned earlier I am going to London this weekend. Then in September I am going to Bristol for a week. So safe to say I've saw a little more of the UK than I would normally.
  21. Write a letter to someone who inspires me: I still haven't done this one, but I am definitely going to do it. I just have to decide who to write it to!
  22. Maintain my blogs!: I'm happy to say that apart from a few months after I moved back, I am managing to maintain my blog. When I originally wrote my list I had two blogs, since then I shut down one, to focus more on the other. So I'm doing ok I think!
So there you have it! That is how I am getting on with my list! Overall I'm pretty pleased with my progress, especially seeing as I forgot about this list for a few months!!

Let me know in the comments if you are doing anything like this on your blog! I love reading these kinds of posts!
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