Scrapbooking again!

Monday 11 February 2013

Today I did more scrapbooking! I am definitely enjoying it! I managed to get all the photo's I wanted from my birthday, some of which you can see in the beautiful collage above! I've been using to create the collages that I have been using on the blog recently. It's really easy to use and I recommend that you all have a go at it. You basically upload photos, chose the kind of collage you want, then drag the photos into it! I'm not sure what you guys think but feel free to let me know in the comments!

If you've been in touch with the news then you will know that Jessops has gone bust. Living in a small seaside town means that I have NO IDEA where to print my photos off. Before I would have gone to Jessops but that is no more. I know that Boots has a photo printing service but it's so expensive. So I went looking for alternatives. Online Photo Prints! I simply Googled photo prints and found Photobox. I actually used Photobox first to create a personal birthday card for someone. You can upload a photo and then write whatever message you want in the card and they send it out to you. You can chose from different card sizes and the most basic (A5) comes out at £2.50. When I received the card I was seriously impressed with the quality of the print and it certainly was a unique birthday card (at least in my eyes)! Anyway, after being pleased with my card I thought I might as well try out their photo printing services. At 12p a print for a standard 6x4 I was very pleased. I did have to pay a small amount for delivery, but they arrived so quickly that it didn't really bother me! 

If you require any online photo printing services I suggest that you definitely give Photobox a look, with good value for money and excellent service who could ask for more!

In conclusion I am making good headway with my 22 before 22 list and it's giving me something to focus on. I've had a bit of a tough week this week, after trusting someone and letting them back into my life only to be dumped again. I'm aware it's my own fault for being a trusting fool, and this is all I'm really going to say about it. I'm just glad I have something else to focus on so I'm not wallowing in self pity!

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