2013: Year in Review!

Tuesday 31 December 2013

This year has certainly been an interesting one for me, both blog wise, and just life in general, so I thought seeing as it's the New Year, that I should share some key points from the year!

29th Jan 2013: I started this blog. My first post was a simple 'Hello' as I was busy preparing for my birthday at the time!

2nd Feb 2013: I turned 21, and had a spectacular birthday at home, which I wrote about here. I also wrote a list of 22 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 22. I still have a month left to go on that!

16th Feb 2013: I attended a Murder Mystery and I wrote my first, and currrently only, outfit post. Let me know if you want to see more posts like this!

March 2013: I took part in a 31 Day Blog Challenge, which you can read here.

16th March 2013: I did my first makeup look on the blog, something that I intend to start doing again very soon! Hopefully on my Youtube Channel.

31st March 2013: I did my first 'Week in Pictures' post. Something that I may have been slacking on recently! (whoops)

24th April 2013: I reacted to JLS' announcement that they were going to split up.

May 2013: I returned to Berkshire, and Uni came to an end. I started sharing a room with my sister again...

July 2013: I attended my Graduation! My family were so proud of me.

31st July 2013: I admitted that I was suffering with depression, and that I needed help. I wrote all about it here.

24th August 2013: I wrote about attending Summer in the City 2013. It was a magical weekend, and I got to meet LOADS of my favourite Youtubers, and it inspired me to finally get my bum in gear and make Youtube videos!

29th August 2013: I wrote about my new hobby, Treasure Trails!

27th September 2013:  I did a product review for the wonderful Prairie Charms, and I'll be doing another very shortly ;)

11th October 2013: I was involved in a car accident and completely totaled my car... it was terrifying and really made me think about what is really important in life!

13th October 2013: Me and Tim officially started our relationship!

17th October 2013: I posted my first proper Youtube video on my channel, with many more to come in the future!

21st October 2013: I introduced you all to my brand new car, Cherry! She certainly is a beauty, and is serving me well so far!

31st October 2013: I attended a Blogger Halloween Party and I won the costume contest, with my interpretation of a weeping angel! I even made a video about it which you can watch here.

8th November 2013: Tim and I went to Bristol for our first proper weekend away together and it was magical! It really brought us together! Read all about it here.

December 2013: I gave Vlogmas a go! It didn't last long, but at least I made a few decent videos!

19th December 2013: I completed The Christmas Tag!

21st December 2013: I did my first proper swatches for an eyeshadow palette, which I also gaveaway for Vlogmas!

31st December 2013: I shared with you all what I got for Christmas!

So there you have it, there is what I have been up to this year, I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog this year, I hope next year is just as exciting!

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