What I Wore: Murder Mystery!

Saturday 16 February 2013

I wouldn't normally do a post like this but I thought to myself: Life is too short, why not? So here I am bringing you a post of what I wore!

My friend Laurence hosted a murder mystery at my house last night. I don't know if you've ever participated in a murder mystery, but basically you get given a character and you attend a 'dinner party' just as a murder occurs. Then you spend the dinner party with rounds of clues and questions trying to work out who murdered the victim! This is the second murder mystery I have participated in and was set at a French Vineyard. I played 'Marlene Deepditch' a German Wine Merchant. Seeing as I completely forgot about this party until Thursday I didn't have time to get a proper costume together but this is what I chose to wear:

(from top left to bottom right) Pretty eyes, The dress I'm wearing is one I bought from Primark AGES ago and have only worn once previously, tee hee look at my camera, oooo moody and showing off makeup!

(from top left to bottom right) E.L.F Everyday Eye Palette, The look I created, my gorgeous lips, E.L.F lip colour in 'Seductive'.

I don't normally wear lipsticks, but I bought 'Seductive' back in October and I'm sure I haven't worn it since. I'm not a fan of it being too obvious that I am wearing lipstick to this seems to be the perfect colour for me as it simply enhances my natural lip colour. As for the Palette, it's one that I wear EVERY time that I wear makeup. Mainly because the colours are so simple and make it look like I'm not wearing much at all. I like to wear this look and then use my Maybelline Master Smokey Eyes Eyeliner to line my upper lash line carefully just to frame my eyes! It's been a long while since I wore makeup (other than just everyday boring makeup), and I really enjoyed it. Maybe I'll start wearing it more often, lord knows I have enough stuff at my disposal!

As for the murder mystery I wasn't the murder, and neither did I guess who the murderer was. I kind of fail at murder mysteries. Although it didn't help that I had drank pretty much an entire bottle of wine to myself (oops). I'm hopefully going to be hosting the next murder mystery and I am hoping to go with a Pirate theme! We'll see!

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  1. Your eyes look lovely and i really like your dress! xx

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