Friday Favourites: Apps I am Loving

Friday 10 April 2015

I love my iPhone 5S, it goes everywhere with me, and one thing I have learned this year is how much I can rely on my iPhone. Now a lot of this is down to the apps that I have installed on my phone, so today I thought I would share some of my most useful apps with you! Cal is a user friendly calender app that can sync calenders from numerous email accounts and applications. You can create new events and include attendees from your contacts list, notes to remind you what the event is all about, and even a location so you can use maps to find your way there! 

You can set numerous reminders about an event from a few weeks before, up to a few minutes before the event. You even get a notification every morning letting you know how many events you have on that day (even if you don't have any). In the settings you can chose from several themes for the background pictures including art, locations, and food, meaning you'll always have a pretty backdrop for your calender. It also runs really well with the next app I am going to talk about, making it even easier to organise your daily tasks! is basically a simple and clean 'to-do' list app, in which you can create tasks for today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday. 

The face that it is so simple makes it easier when trying to look at what tasks you have to do that day. There are no fancy pictures or colours to distract you from what you have to do. Even better is the fact that any tasks you have in this app will appear in the Cal app which I mentioned above, meaning you can view them all in one place!

The Navitime Transit UK app has been my absolute saviour these last few months whilst I have been back and forth from London. This little app will help you plan a journey from start to finish, and will show you what changes you need to make, and even which platforms you need. This has honestly saved me several times. London Underground transport is hardly the most reliable and there were a few times trains were cancelled etc, and I would have been completely at a loss as to what to do without this app!

The best part about this app is it covers travel all over the UK, not just London travel! Meaning you can use it to help you plan any train journey you may be embarking on.

I first heard about Best Fiends from Pewdiepie, as he was doing some sort of campaign with them, but honestly I'm glad I heard about it, because it is so addictive! Unlike your usual 'Candy Crush' style game, instead of moving items to match them you make 'chains' and the longer the chain, the more points you get for it. Best all all you have these little buddies called fiends, and each one has their own unique powers that can help you, such as directional bombs.

You also get given missions on some levels such as defeating a certain number of slugs (your fiends' number one enemy), or getting a certain amount of one item. Honestly this game takes up a good chunk of my time whenever I am journeying somewhere, so if you are looking for a free app to curb your boredom then look no further!

Let me know in the comments if there are any apps you think I should try next!

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  1. What a fabulous range of apps. I have some downloading to do tonight. I really love the bus times app at the moment. It's so useful to see when the bus you need is coming.

  2. I could not function without my 'to do' list on my phone either. I live by it!