Gaming Diaries #2

Thursday 25 June 2015

Welcome back to gaming diaries, I'm so glad that some of you enjoyed reading last week's post, which encouraged me to keep on going!

With E3 being last week, an abundance of trailers for some new game releases have appeared on Xbox Live and also on Youtube, and I have been SO excited. That excitement has been channelled into playing games that are most closely linked to the new releases I am excited about.

One of the trailers I saw on Xbox Live that got me the most excitement was the announcement trailer for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. I play the original all the time as it's an interesting and different take on a first person shooter, plus the characters are really cute!

In the first game my favourite mode is online multiplayer, and there are several game modes within that, from a simple team vanquish to gardens and graveyards where the objective is to capture or defend gardens. Not only do you get to play as cute plant's such as the Chomper and the Sunflower, but you also get to play as Zombies. Each character has their own class, for example the Sunflower is the healer, and the Chomper is for close range attack. I normally always play as the Sunflower because being a healer isn't the most popular class, but it's actually one of the most important! This game is the perfect one to play if you want to blow off a little steam, whether it's Zombies or Plants that you are killing...

The other game that was I was super excited by was Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. I have been a massive fan of Animal Crossing ever since I played Wild World on my DS. Since then I have played every game that came after, and Happy Home Designer is going to be no exception. Especially as it is going to be so different to any of the other games!!! If you too are a fan of Animal Crossing you need to to watch the trailer.

Having recently liberated my family's Wii Console as mentioned in the previous post, I repurchased Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City. The second Animal Crossing game that I ever played, it was the first instalment of the game to have more shops than just Nook's and the Able Sister's place, which is what made me get it in the first place. Although I will admit playing a game like this on the Wii is certainly confusing. I restarted my town and got to grips with the controls, and even got through a days work at Tom Nook's. From now on it's all fishing and decorating my new home, oh and making some new friends!

Let me know what games have you been playing this week?

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