Music Monday's: Girl Power!

Monday 29 June 2015

Welcome to Music Mondays, a new feature on my blog where I will be adding a song and then giving up the memories that flood back to me when I hear it...

This week is all about the Spice Girls, a group that were big in the 90's when I was a child, and they were a huge part of my music taste as a child. I'm totally not ashamed to say that sometimes I put this track on and dance around the living room belting out the lyrics!

The memory that sticks out the most to me is one of me and my cousin being in my living room dancing around to this song and making up dance routines. Am I the only one who did this as a kid? The thing I remember the most is both our mum's watching us from the sofa and laughing as we pranced around the living room. Also for some reason I have some vague remembrance of eating jam sandwich's with ready salted crisps in them, whilst this song was playing, and I don't remember eating it ever again.

What memories do you have of this song?
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