Brand Focus: Poundland Makeup

Tuesday 18 August 2015

A couple of weeks ago I walked into my local Poundland and was surprised to find that they had released their own makeup brand, with the items coming to £1 each (obviously). I quickly snapped up £12 worth of products and thought I would share them with you all. If you would like to see how the products look on my face then please view the video above, alternatively you can read some of my opinions below...

  • FOUNDATION: This was surprisingly thick, almost like a mousse, but it honestly didn't have a very good coverage.
  • CONCEALER: Didn't really cover anything that I needed it to, would prefer to spend a little more and get the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer.
  • POWDER: Did what is said it would do... not bad...
  • BRONZER: So orangey... and didn't blend very well at all!
  • BLUSHER: Barely did anything to my face.
  • BROW PENCIL: I actually like this product, it defined my brows well but kept them natural.
  • EYESHADOWS: The light pink shadow would be a really great highlighter shade, but the silver/grey colour just would not blend!
  • EYELINER: Very gloopy and wet, much like most eyeliners that come in that form, but didn't do that bad.
  • MASCARA: Was basically non existent on my eyelashes.
  • LIPLINER: Had to press really hard to make the product come off onto my lips, and it was very scratchy.
  • LIPSTICK: The colour was amazing, however what wasn't was the fact that this lipstick moved everywhere, and was even on my teeth after a few seconds of talking!
All in all I wasn't greatly impressed with this brand, and I will not be using or repurchasing this makeup. There are so many better budget brands out there that may be a little more expensive (e.g. MUA, Makeup Revolution, Collection), but definitely have that edge on quality that Poundland makeup doesnt!

I also need to add that an hour after applying the makeup I had to remove it due to the fact my face began to itch all over... It wasn't the greatest experience in all honesty!
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