Music Mondays: Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Monday 10 August 2015

Welcome back to Music Monday's and this week, I'm going way back to when I was a young'un and fancied myself a little bit of a rebel of the system... Who doesn't like a good bit of classic Eminem? If you don't you should leave this post now because I'm about to get all nostalgic!

I can't remember when I first heard an Eminem track, but I know that when I did, something about it just really struck a chord with me, I don't really know why... Maybe it was the fact that he just doesn't give a flying f***! I came upon him in my late childhood to early teens, and I remember I was hooked. I had his Encore album and I used to sit in my room listening to it back to back. constantly so that I could learn all the lyrics... Looking back some of those tracks probably weren't 100% suitable to my age group at the time, but all I know is I loved it. I think it was definitely the feeling of rebellion, and being allowed to not agree with the masses that appealed to me most!

The Real Slim Shady is one of my absolute favourite Eminem tracks, it's right up their with, 'Without Me' which is by far my all-time favourite, and in fact when this track was released people used to sing it at me because my surname is Slade... they called me Slim Sladey (I know sad right... but it happened), and to this day I still sometimes sing 'Slim Sladey' instead of 'Slim Shady'... I am so pathetic...

I happened to stumble upon, 'Without Me' the other day, which around it's release was a really popular song with myself and my family, and I played it to my dad, my sister, and my brother all separately and they all still remember all of the lyrics... Can't believe we all bonded over such a hilarious song, not that I am complaining!

What memories do you have of this song? Let me know in the comments...
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