Sum Up Monday #25

Monday 24 August 2015

 Dying my hair blue, volunteering at Summer in the City, Travelling Selfie, Temporary Tattoos with meaning.

It's been a busy few weeks for me, what with a long weekend up and London for Summer in the City, and then a trip up to Wakefield this past weekend, I am seriously tired out!

Let's start with Summer and the City, this year Tish and I decided to volunteer this year, which meant we got to spend time with lots of awesome people who are just like us! We travelled up on the Thursday so that we would be nice and rested for Creator Day on the Friday. Creator Day was our only day to ourselves so we made the most of it and went to some panels, including 'Self Shooting' and 'Production on a Shoestring'. These were both run by people from the Youtube London space, and were really informative. There were also a tonne of booths there from charities to universities, and there was masses of merch, and even a craft fair! I picked up some awesome Harry Potter themed badges, and a ceramic Jack Russell necklace which was too cute to pass up, and of course I couldn't leave without getting an official SITC shirt!

Then on Saturday and Sunday Tish and I were volunteering for 8 hours a day, which turned out to be both amazing, and amazing tiring. I was a 'directional/roaming' volunteer which basically means I was wondering around the open areas, and managing any impromptu meetup lines that formed. Which was both very stressful and fulfilling, considering there was a serious issue on the Saturday with a panel that Dan and Phil were involved in. Then on Sunday I was lucky enough to have a FOUR HOUR free period, so I got to attend a lot of awesome panels, including watching some of my favourite 'tubers play Mario Kart 8 and get all competitive with each other. I honestly couldn't be happier that I met some amazing people that I am definitely keeping in touch with!

Spending time with Jade, Living in a Castle, A sandy beach, You're never too old to wear a tiara.

Then this weekend Tim and I made the long trip up to Wakefield to see Jade and her boy Jared, and they had a whole weekend of fun planned for us! On Saturday we travelled up to York, and wandered around the shops, bought some expensive fudge, and just generally had a good old wander. We also went into the Disney store and I found some Tiara's that I am desperate to own. Then on Sunday we went all the way to Bridlington to spend a day at the Seaside. We went to a Shell shop and Jade and I picked up matching bracelets (you know because we are besties!). Then we saw some little boats that you could drive around, and decided to go on them, and I made Tim agree to let me drive of course! In the evening we went to Taybarns, an all you can eat restaurant that had BBQ, a Cavery and a spice food section, and I ate SO MUCH that I could barely move afterwards... all in all a top weekend all round!

Currently I'm:
Reading: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner
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Playing: Star Stable again 
Feeling: Happy to be sleeping in my own bed.
Looking Forward To: A long weekend alone with my man next week...
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