Kiko January Sales Haul

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Photo of Kiko cosmetics purchased in my haul

So it feels like it's been an age since I purchased these products and they have been sitting in their lovely bright red Kiko bag, waiting to have their pictures taken so they could feature on the blog. So I finally got my bum in gear, and managed to snap everything that I bought from Kiko around the time of the January sales. Not all of these products were on sale, some of them just caught my attention and had to be bought. I also had a £30 voucher for the Oracle in Reading, so I knew that I just had to spend it all in Kiko. So let's take a closer look at what I ended up getting.

Kiko Cosmetics Cosmic Starlets Double Glam Liner in 117
Cosmic Starlets Double Glam Liner: 117

 My first purchase was this double ended eyeliner which I had been looking at ever since the Oracle Blogger Event that I went to in November. This particular one caught my eye because it has the perfect dark colour for doing your waterline/lash line, but then it also has this really pretty shimmery shade which is amazing for doing your inner corner highlight, or even a brow bone highlight. The formula of these eyeliners is really creamy, meaning you don't have to press too hard to get a good colour pay off, which is always a bonus with products you use around the eyes, because of the area's sensitive nature. This eyeliner came from the Cosmic Starlets collection, which was Kiko's Christmas 2015 collection, and was reduced down to only £4.80, which is a bargain for two eyeliners.

Kiko Cosmetics Mat Base Corrector and Full Coverage Concealer
 Mat Base Corrector Primer, Full Coverage Concealer in 01

The next two items I purchased are all year round products, and were things that I was in desperate need of at the time of purchase. The first item is the Mat Base Corrector Primer, which I picked up because of how oily my skin is recently. Currently whenever I wear make up it just seems to slide off of my face, particularly around my T-zone, and then I get very shiny. So I thought a matte primer would be the perfect solution. This particular one is very thick and tacky, making it perfect for my foundation to grip onto, and it was only £8.90. The second item on my 'basics' list was a new concealer, particularly for my under-eye area. As I have such big eyes, I tend to get massive dark circles underneath them, and I really struggle to cover them up. I have tried many a concealer, including Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer and none seem to do the trick. With that in mind I thought I would see what Kiko had to offer and I came across their Full Coverage Concealer. After a quick swatch on the back of my hand it certainly seemed to give a good coverage, so I popped one in my basket to give a go, at £7.50 I thought it was probably worth a try.

Kiko Cosmetics Rebel Romantic Metallic Shine Eyeshadows in 01, 02, and 04
 Rebel Romantic Metallic Shine Eyeshadows in 01, 02, and 04

The next items that caught my eye were these Rebel Romantic Metallic Shine Eyeshadows. I am a big sucker for anything shiny, and these eyeshadows are certainly that. When I dipped my finger in the tester pots I was surprised at how velvety they felt, unlike any other kind of eyeshadow I had ever tried. Then I knew I had to have one, and when I say one, I mean one of all the colours that caught my eye, and I settled on 01, 02 and 04. 01 is a lovely silvery and yet creamy shade which is another perfect brow bone highlight, or even for just a small shimmer on the centre of the eyelid. 02 is a lovely pink champagne kind of colour, which I thought went beautifully with 01, and could easily be put in the same eye look. Then finally I settled on 04, which is a deep navy blue which almost appears black. Blue being my favourite colour I knew that I couldn't leave this one behind, and these little gems were reduced to £3.40 each.

Kiko Cosmetics Campus Idol Double Match Lipsticks in Cool Rose and Strawberry Pop, Alongside Double Dare Eyeshadow and liner in Copper and Chocolate
Campus Idol Double Match Lipstick & Liners in Cool Rose and Strawberry Pop, Campus Idol Double Dare Eyeshadow & Liner in Copper and Chocolate

Finally whilst in the store I managed to stumble across Kiko's latest cosmetic collection, Campus Idol. The packaging is very bright, and mainly in primary colours, and each box has their own Kiko crest on them which makes them seem even more preppy. It was the Double Match Lipsticks that initially caught my eye, because not only do you get the lipstick, but you also get a matching lip liner in the other end, making these the perfect lip product to slip in your handbag on a night out. I was immediately drawn to the Cool Rose colour, as this seems like it would make a great nude colour for someone as pale as myself. Then my eye was drawn to Strawberry pop, which is a beautiful bright pink colour, with a hint of red in it. I was trying to chose between the two considering everything else that I had already picked up, but in the end I just couldn't decide, so I picked up both for £7.90 each. Finally I came across the Double Dare Eyeshadow and Eyeliner sticks, and after swatching a few I fell head over heels for the Copper eyeshadow, which comes with a chocolate coloured eyeliner, which I honestly don't normally wear, but for that copper eyeshadow I knew I would give it a go, and at £7.90 I knew I couldn't leave the copper behind.

So there is everything that I bought in the January sales, did you manage to get to Kiko in time for the sales? Let me know in the comments what your favourite item of my haul is?
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