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Monday 1 February 2016

Welcome back to my blog everyone, I want to try and spend more time writing about specific topics on my blog, as well as adding in random bits and pieces. One of the topics that I am going to be writing more about, is Beauty. So that will include a lot of make up mainly, with maybe a bit of hair care and skin care thrown in. Today however I want to talk foundations. I don't know about you guys, but I am yet to find my 'holy grail' foundation, I have tried a few foundations that I sort of like, but never found one that I am so in love with that I would never switch away from it. Due to this I always have a lot of foundations in my wish list, and below are just a few of them...

 I have tried a tester of Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation and I have heard from a fair few people that the L'oreal True Match foundation is a good high street dupe for Double Wear. I did enjoy double wear but at £30 for the bottle I can hardly justify buying it for day to day use. True Match comes in at £9.99 on Superdrug's website (currently on offer for £7.99), so is only a fraction of the price of double wear. At this price it's definitely worth a try.

This is a foundation that I am forever seeing my favourite Youtubers using, but have never really thought about buying myself. The name itself Nars 'Sheer Glow' has always put me off of it because I am not really a fan of a 'dewy' finish, and I just always assumed that was what you would get with this. However the other day I saw a post in a Facebook group I am a part of, and the poster was talking about having the same feelings about this foundation, however they gave it a try. What they found is that this is actual quite full coverage and isn't too dewy. Based on that post alone I have decided that I really want to give this a go. I am still having a serious think about it though because this foundation is £31...

Last but not least is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. Urban Decay is one of my favourite brands for eyeshadow, so why not try their foundation? This is another one that I have seen a fair amount of Youtubers using, and have always wondered about. Another thing that is pushing me towards this foundation is that I would like to try a high end foundation, as I am very prone to only ever spending less than £10 on a foundation, which I then never stick to. It's because of this that I wonder whether I would get more out of trying a high end foundation. This is another pretty pricey foundation at £27, but it is cheaper than the Nars Sheer Glow. Definitely something for me to think about anyway.

So there you have it, three foundations that I would like to try. Do you have any of the above foundations? Would you recommend them? If not, what would you recommend instead?
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