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Friday 19 February 2016

A couple of weeks ago Tim decided to take me away for a weekend in Cardiff to celebrate my 24th birthday. He has been trying to plan for us to go to the Doctor Who Experience for such a long time, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it. That was until that weekend, and I was just super excited to delve into the world of Dr. Who.

The first part of the experience is certainly very interesting and is interactive, as such we weren't allowed to take photographs during that part. We started by watching a video about who The Doctor is, and then our guide told us that we could 'see' where the Doctor was at that very moment. Which of course turned out to be a very bad idea, as he was fighting off some monsters. Then the wall opened up and we ended up inside the Tardis, much to the annoyance of The Doctor (Peter Capaldi), and he made it clear he wasn't happy about us being on the Tardis. However seeing as we were there already he decided that we could help him find the three crystals he needed to defeat the aliens.

He decided to materialise the Tardis, within the tardis (I know right), and we walked through the Tardis door into the main console room, which I was super excited about. We then got to 'fly' the Tardis, to the set of co-ordinates that the doctor gave us. This involved a lot of floor shaking, and a video showing us flying entirely to quickly towards the first planet. Stepping off of the Tardis into a room with deactivated Daleks it was very clear that we were on Skaro, which is somewhere we definitely didn't want to be. We found the first crystal, but no sooner as it was removed, were the Daleks coming to life and moving all around us. Honestly one of the most surreal moments of my life. So we quickly made our exit, and ended up in a graveyard... filled with my worst nightmare, weeping angels. There were flashing lights and horrible noises leading to plenty of jump-scares, and I spent pretty much the entire time clinging onto Tim.

Finally we had to put on some 3D glasses for the final part, and we ended up in a room with a tonne of old TV's where we found the final crystal. We then placed them in the correct place to help the Doctor utilise them to destroy the aliens. Then we watched the final attack (in 3D), and defeated the aliens, and we even got some praise from the Doctor! Well after he told us how ridiculous we looked in our 3D glasses... After returning our 3D glasses we were let loose on the exhibition part of the experience.

This again was really surreal. The interactive experience lets you our right next to one of the old Tardis consoles, and as you round the corner you are met with the sight of a Dalek. My favourite part of this first room on the bottom floor was the massive Tardis set that they had from the tenth doctor, David Tennant (one of my favourites). Then you walk up a flight of stairs and are greeted with a tonne of Doctor Who monsters, and costumes. It's one thing seeing these on TV, it's another to see them about 5 feet away from you! One of my favourite parts of the exhibition was seeing The Doctors baby crib, it is super cute, and to me feels like a really personal object to The Doctor.

All in all it was a great experience, and if you are a fan of the show then it's definitely worth a look. I really regret not going when Matt Smith was the Doctor, as I think the interactive experience would have been that little bit more exciting for me, seeing as he is my favourite Doctor. One thing I would mention though is the whole thing from start to finish, doesn't last that long, I believe we were there and hour and a half or so, if that. So whilst this is a great thing to do, I wouldn't say you should expect to spend a whole day there! Still it is definitely worth it, if just for the interactive part of the tour.

Have you been to The Doctor Who Experience before? Let me know in the comments.
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