Graduation Dress Inspiration!

Tuesday 2 April 2013


  1. New Look - £24.99
  2. New Look - £39.99
  3. Chi Chi - £59.99
  4. Quiz (Debenhams) - £49.99
  5. Asos Curve - £25.00
  6. Asos Curve - £32.00
  7. Asos Curve - £28.00
  8. Quiz (Debenhams) - £49.99
  9. Ax Paris (New Look) - £40.00
Today I have been having a long hard think about my graduation. It is actually mainly because someone in my village posted on Facebook that she found her graduation dress already. I realised I've not actually thought about the kind of dress I want for graduation. I'm not too sure how formal/casual to go, having never been to graduation before. So I had a quick search on some of my usual online browsing favourites and found the above selection. I'll admit I found the Chi Chi dress because of this giveaway, and I totally fell in love with it. Other than that I have to admit I really like number 4 if I'm going formal. The best thing about these dresses is they are all under £60! Now I just have to convince someone to buy me one for graduation...
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  1. I think those dresses are perfect, better to have put in a bit too much effort than not enough. I know from my graduation some girls looked like they were going to a wedding so you should be fine :-)

    1. Haha thanks! I definitely think Number 4 is the one ;)

  2. These are all gorgeous! Number 1, 4 and 6 are my faves. You'll look amazing! (:

    - Nin

  3. Number 4 will look great :) I would also say 7 and 9 are good potentials but 7 would definitely depend on what your robe colours are?