Slimpod Week #1

Monday 29 April 2013

A few weeks ago I applied to be part of a trail of this new weight loss programme, Slimpod. I was told that it was a new way of looking at not only losing weight, but also making lifestyle changes for the better. It was founded by the lovely Sandra Roycroft-Davis who takes an active role in your personal journey, offering advice and support to all who buy the Slimpod.

So you may be wondering what this is all about so I thought I'd just give you some information from the website.

What is Slimpod?
Slimpods are unique voice recordings which help people achieve effective weight loss, whether it's 5Ibs or 5 stones and more. They can be bought as instant downloads or on CD. Unlike other methods of losing weight, with a Slimpod there are no diets, no calorie counting and no willpower required.

Slimpods have been developed by our Harley Street experts and use modern approcahes to the science of unconcious persuasion to put you back in control of food again. Because it's like having your own personal mind coach, weight loss becomes simple and effortless.

A single Slimpod costs just £29.99 and a Slimpod Plus - two great programmes in one - cosrs just £44.99. That's it, nothing more to pay. Membership and online support are free!

How do Slimpod's Work?
Slimpods avoid any notion of a diet, instead they gently nudge your unconscious mind towards making better eating choices - let's face it, we all know what they are. Slimpods don't tell you what to eat or what not to eat, but guide your mind to help it create its own solutions.

By empowering you to control what you eat and motivating you to do more, you lose weight without even having to think about it. Breaking old habits and creating new ones means you've made a lasting lifestyle change that boosts your confidence and self-esteem and unlike dieting our method means weight loss can be permanent.

The voice you hear on the Slimpods is like a normal conversation. There are no weird effects or strange music.

So there's a little basic information about it for you, but if you are wanting more information then I suggest you go to this website and read about it for yourself.

My First Week of Slimpod!

I have been listening my Slimpod for a week now, so I thought I would share some things that I have noticed. Incase you are wondering I am listening to the Drop Two Dress Sizes Slimpod. I listen to this every night just before I go to sleep, and I find that it helps me relax and sometimes I have even found myself falling asleep as soon as it finishes playing. The whole point of Slimpod is that you begin to make lifestyle changes that in turn help you lose weight. I took all my measurements before I started listening and had to right 3 realistic goals. By the end of this ENTIRE process I am hoping that maybe I'll go back to the size/weight I was when I came to university, but we'll see.

To be honest I haven't noticed that I've been eating less junk food or anything like that, but I've only been listening for a week. They recommend that you listen for a minimum of 21 days before changes can being, some people notice changes straight away, and others don't. So although I haven't eaten less junk here is what I have noticed.
  1. I hardly ever feel hungry. I only eat because I know I should be eating. Some days I completely forget about eating and it will get to about 3pm/4pm and I realised I haven't eaten yet. I am aware that, that in itself isn't healthy, but I've never NOT been hungry before.
  2. When I went shopping I didn't buy ANY sweets or junk. Admittedly I bought a bottle of wine as I was going out, and I bought my favourite sugary cereal (Curiously Cinnamon), but apart from that my trolley was full of fruit, veg and meat. I planned some healthy meals, including vegetable soup, and I am not a massive soup lover. In fact when we went around the bakery I caught the smell of some jam donuts and the smell actually made my stomach turn.
  3. Also, rather than ordering in takeaways, I find myself going to the cupboard and seeing what I can make instead. Which is a MUCH better way of living.
  4. I've found myself doing more and enjoying housework. I've been packing mostly as I am moving in a few weeks, but I used to be a HORRIBLE procrastinator, but I feel that my Slimpod is making me feel more proactive.
So although the things I have noticed aren't necessarily geared towards weight loss I am very confident that over the next few week my Slimpod will help me to make more positive lifestyle choices. Overall so far I am happy with my journey and I can't wait to see myself make more changes!

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