My Instaweek #1

Sunday 14 April 2013

It is time again for another roundup of my week in pictures! This week (due to the arrival of my iPhone) I have made the move to Instagram! As such I am hoping that my pictures will look a little more interesting than they did before so let me know what you think!

  1. My best friend this week... Yes I have been ill this week! And this box of tissues has so far been my only comfort!
  2. Sneaky Find! I found this box of chocolates hiding in my room! Safe to say they didn't survive the week!
  3. Organisation. This is the book I use to organise my blog, I managed to get it in the Paperchase sale!
  4. Reliving Childhood! I haven't had a packet of Pom-Bears for a LONG time, let alone managed to find a Salt and Vinegar pack! Thank you Aberystwyth Arts Center!
  5. Hunting Chicken. This is my current favourite dinner, Hunters Chicken with a jacket potato and corn on the cob. OM NOM!
  6. Car Graveyard. We visited a scrapyard and I cam across this beautiful Jag, the interiors were completely intact and it was beautiful! I now have some serious Jag lust!
  7. Making Trails. I have become literally obsessed with this iPhone game, 'Whale Trail' it's such a simple and addictive idea! You should give it a go ;)
  8. Standard Seafront Shot. I had to help a friend out with a shoot on Friday and thought I should probably kickstart my instagram scenery photos!
  9. Sunset. This beautiful sunset was my view from the top of Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth, it was actually my first time climbing the hill, and I almost died.
  10. 101 creepy masks. This is the mask I had to wear for the shoot, it made it extremely difficult to see anything, in fact in one of the earlier takes I stumbled over because I couldn't see the uneven grass!
  11. First Meal out in AGES! So me and Ellie after standing in the freezing cold for about an hour had decided that a curry was a brilliant idea and so made our way to the Shilam! Where I ate THE BEST peshwari naan I have ever eaten, seriously.
  12. Kleenex! After a long week of sneezing and coughing, I ran out of tissues and had to buy more... I hope this cold goes away soon!
  13. Name Badge. Yesterday was my final day of employment in Matalan, I had been working there almost two years, but it was time for me to go. (Mainly because I am moving home next month)
  14. Rolo OM NOM. I spied these babies in the Co-op and had to have them. I have a soft spot for rolo cookies!
  15. What the hell nature? So me and Ellie discovered this tiny little shoot growing out of a drain in our sink.. Weird right?
So there you have it! My first Instaweek, let me know in the comments what you think and whether you like these kind of posts!
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  1. Rolo Cookies are awesome! love your blog, now following you:) check out mine, if you like?