My Instaweek #4

Sunday 5 May 2013

Another week is gone already! ONLY 1 WEEK UNTIL I MOVE! Every time I think about it I start freaking out! So here is what's been going on this week!
  1. Poodle Puppy: My Nan is getting this beautiful poodle puppy in a few weeks! I'll get to meet it when I go home! It's SOOOO cute, it's just a big ball of fluff.
  2. Faithful Friend: I love skittles, they always cheer me up!
  3. Bulmers: This is actually a new flavour of Bulmers that I had never even heard of before that day. It was yummy!
  4. Standard Steak: We went to the Starling Cloud (again), and I had a steak (again).
  5. Awkward Selfie: This is part of the Berkshire Bloggers May Photo Challenge which I created! I wasn't wearing any makeup or anything (ew)
  6. Black and White: Another Berkshire Bloggers Prompt.
  7. Snapchat Sister: I got snapchat and Tish was showing me how to use it!
  8. Spirit Animal: Apparently I am a Dolphin... (I dunno)
  9. Sisterly Love: Tish calling me a loser because I have a 3DS... She jelly really!
  10. Hazelnut Latte: After writing one into our third year film project I have FINALLY tried one. It was yummy, it might be my new fav latte.
  11. Inspirational Quote: Another prompt for the Photo Challenge and a quote that I firmly believe!
So there you have it! Yet another instaweek, I hope you've enjoyed!
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