Wishlist Wednesday #2 and An Announcement!

Wednesday 15 May 2013

So I want to kick off this weeks Wednesday Wishlist post with a bit of a sad announcement. After a lot of careful thought and consideration, I have decided to stop writing my Nail Blog: Rose Tint My Nails. Unfortunately I just have the time to write both my Nail Blog and my personal blog, so I had to make a tough decision. I just think that writing my personal blog gives me a lot more scope to talk about ALL the things I like, rather than being specified to one.

This in no way means that I am going to give up my obsession with Nail polish, and I wont stop painting my nails, and creating nail art, and I certainly won't stop buying polish, but I will just be posting it on this blog instead, and it won't be as often. I started Rose Tint My Nails back in November when I discovered my passion for nail polish and nail art, it grew to have 75 GFC followers, which was something I was very proud of. This was the first blog that I ever gained followers on and it was nice to know that there were people reading and appreciating my writing for the first time! I also met some wonderful people through various groups on Facebook, including the lovely Kerrie of Pish, Posh and Polish who has become one of my best blogging buddies! So although I won't be posting on Rose Tint My Nails anymore, I will still be posting my Nail Art here! So watch this space for a regular polish feature coming soon!

Now that's out of the way, on with the Wish List! Seeing as I had a job interview at an office this week, which I am going in for a trial on Friday! I have been looking into smart and fashionable blouses/shirts.

The top four blouses are all from New Look, and the bottom four are all from Matalan! I didn't mean to pick everything from just those two stores, oh well. Out of all the picks, the New Look ones are definitely my favourite of them all. One of the biggest problems I face when buying shirts and blouses is that it's hard to find one that fits me right. The main reason is that I have very thick arms, but a small waist, and big hips. So my strange shape and size doesn't fit the cut of shirts or the material that they are made from means that I have to buy them extra big and wear them baggy! Hopefully when I tone up a bit I wont have to worry about that anymore! Some of these may make there way into my wardrobe if I decide to take the office job I have been offered, if not, I won't have to worry about office clothing!

I'm so glad to be back and blogging, I've had a very busy few weeks, and I'm going through a massive change in my life right now, I expect it to be very difficult, and I'm sure my blog will suffer my busy schedule, but I'm hoping I'll come out of the other side of it!

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