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Monday 23 September 2013

Today I'm here to talk about someone who has been very present in the media recently, and a lot of people have opinions on this lady, so I thought it was about time I share mine.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, firstly 'where have you been?' and secondly, I'm talking about Miley Cyrus, and her VMA performance, with Robin Thicke. I'll admit, when I initially watched the performance I was shocked, I couldn't believe that she would be so brazen as to act that way onstage. Although at no point did I think to myself 'she's out of control', or anything of the sort. I didn't think any worse of her, or begin to call her a slut or anything else.

At the end of the day, Miley is allowed to do whatever she wants with her life. It's her choice to perform that way, and I know she had her reasons. She's a lot cleverer than most people are giving her credit for, she got the controversy that she orchestrated herself, and people are still talking about her performance, and listening to her music at the same time.

Personally I think everyone should let her get on with it!

As a complete sidenote, I am obsessed with 'We Can't Stop'.... someone help me?
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  1. Agreed, I was disgusted watching her but I have no desire to go down the 'slut-shaming' route, I saw people slamming her Dad for standing up for her too - what else is he going to do, disown his daughter for making silly choices? I personally could not care less what she does, it's not going to have any major influence over the rest of my life! x