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Tuesday 3 September 2013

I am a very sentimental person, nothing makes me prouder than something that reminds me of someone that I love very much. Today I'm going to share with you two of my most prized possessions. One is kind of funny, and the other reminds me of someone who was very dear to me.

This very cluttered thing here is an electronic piano, and it's very special to me. I hardly play it anymore to be honest, and as you can see its basically a shelf. BUT it was bought for me, by someone very special to me. My granddad Gilbert. He and I really got on. I would spend a couple of weeks every summer with my Nan and him. He'd take me to the library and help me pick out a stack of books, and then when I read them all really fast, he'd just laugh and take me back to the library to get more. He spoilt me rotten whilst I was there, he'd take me to McDonalds, and get all my favourite cereals and sweets in. Above all, he was always genuinely interested in what I was doing. He'd always ask me about how I was getting on at school, what I was interested in. He'd sit there and listen to me, and he always took an interest. I took piano lessons when I was in primary school/early secondary school. I was really good at it, and he loved that. My mum and dad couldn't afford a piano for me to practice on, and so Granddad got me this.

Unfortunately a few years ago, a week after my birthday, Gilbert passed away. When mum told us, I really didn't know how to handle it. His funeral was really tough for me, I just couldn't believe that he wasn't going to be around anymore. I still cringe when I go into my Nan's flat and see the corner where he used to sit. I miss him. However I like to remember him for all the funny things he used to do, like eating peanuts and then pulling his false teeth out so he could pick out the bits. He used to pretty much constantly sing 'Glory Glory Man United' around me. He was a proper character, and a wonderful bloke.

Now onto a bit more of a light-hearted and strange sentimental item, that has actually already featured on this blog before! Brace yourselves....

This is an original art piece, created for me by my very talented and wonderful best friend Ellie. I can already feel the 'WHAT THE HELL' looks that this post is going to get, but let me explain. One day we were walking through town, and we got onto the subject of gifts. I mentioned that for my next birthday, I would like her to make me a drawing. Now one thing I must explain about myself and Ellie, is that we have a very weird and wonderful sense of humor. So to see what her reaction was, I said this: 'I want you to draw us both naked, riding a black unicorn, AND A PROPER UNICORN! Not just a horse with a horn. and I want you to be sitting behind me and holding onto me by my boobs'. Obviously we both thought this was hilarious, and not a lot more was said about it. Then my birthday came around and when she handed me my gift I instantly knew what it was. I honestly laughed for half an hour. I think this is hands down the best gift I have ever been given. There are a few of our other personal jokes in there that it would take me far too long to explain, but every single part of this picture is relevant to us. For that reason this is one of my most prized possessions!

Hope you enjoyed that litter personal insight into me, it got a little more personal than usual!

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